Laughing boy and the mermaids

LB came back from his dad’s house very chirpy indeedy.  He’d watched the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film and was very, very taken with the mermaids in it.  Turns out he hadn’t come across mermaids before.  Having such specialist interests from a very early age (buses, lorries, Eddie Stobart and the London Met) meant that he boycotted all the usual books/films that mermaids would crop up in.  At nearly 17, mermaids were a revelation.

He’s now become very focused on finding out if they exist, or not.  Since yesterday morning, we’ve repeatedly said they are a myth.  Richy has googled images of manatee’s to talk about where the myth may have come from, but he ain’t convinced.

Today he came back from school with a handwritten note to put in a bottle and drop in the River Thames. The note says;

To the mermaids, do you exist or don’t you? From LB

I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Laughing boy and the mermaids

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