I sat out in the garden this morning for a few hours. Listening to music and watching the planes go overhead. It was an ok type of activity in the circumstances, till I cried so much I could no longer see the sky.

It’s a tough gig trying to remember our cheerful and hilarious dude right now. The unit time keeps seeping in and swamping any thoughts with horror, rage and questions.

One song I listened to was ‘Wrecking’ by Laura Veirs. A few years ago some Vancouver film students used it as a backing track for a short black and white film. The kids never liked watching it. They said it was way too sad. I always thought it reflected what life is like for dudes like LB.

5 thoughts on “Wrecking.

  1. Have thought of you, your family and LB so much over these last few weeks – stay strong – and keep those positive memories of LB foremost in your mind – they are what will keep you all going over the weeks to come.

  2. Sara there is nothing I can say that will change these sad circumstances. My heart is in my mouth as I write, but I and many others have gained much strength from you. Remember Connors beautiful smile, it will see you through those dark days. Sending you all much love & hugs. xx

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