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Rosie and I have worked through a few bags/boxes of LB’s things in the last week or so. We came across a notebook in our first box which was unused other than tiny colourful squares on the margins of every page. ‘Now that’s weird’, we thought. ‘Wonder why he did that?’

ryan5-381 ryan5-380

Then the other day we came across the two big ring binder notebooks he seemed to really love. One was filled with pictures of Tom Chaplin. The other with pictures of the ConnorCo removal lorry. The penny dropped. Totally genius.

ryan5-383 ryan5-382

5 thoughts on “More stuff

  1. Colour coding I get, the people I don`t know so can`t get it. But see a wonderful mind at work. It hurts to see it. It must be awful for you. I don`t have words to say the rest …

  2. How lovely to have a reminder of lb’s creativity. And how painful. I am at the edinburgh festival with john’s identical twin max. -was here with john last year. How lovely and how painful. Love nicki
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