More good stuff

To try and keep in a less sad space, here are some more recollections from the do and after;

Just a few quotes from a li’l 7 year old to an 18 year old;
“Do you really have hounds in the back of your car?  Will you release them if I don’t do my maths?”
“Amy?”  “Yeah?”   “You’re beautiful”.
Treasured memories.

I’ll never be able to look at an Eddie Stobart or a bus without thinking of your splendid LB (and the travel industry!)  The world was a better place for him I’m sure.

LB was always so content in himself, I think more than anyone else I’ve ever met. I always admired that.

LB – you look like Romain Duris, very strange!  Beautiful!   Remember when we were in France, you kept asking ‘Why’? Until Sam told you to turn your whybox off!  Peace out dude.

T and Z always talk about when we went to London Zoo and on the way home we got off the London bus which started to drive off, and Sara thought LB was still on it.  She started banging on the side of the bus.  LB, who was standing behind her, said “Wot you doing Mum?”  They will miss their funny cousin.

LB, we will always remember you for that massive beaming smile, and your love of many different foods, especially the Branston pickle.  I always relish the memory of playing  football with you and your brothers. You kept telling us “I’m gonna get drunk tonight”. You made us laugh over and over.  I’m gonna have a good drink tonight LB and remember all those happy times.

LB – big smile at the mention of “Death’s Door.”
“It’s an outrage!!”
Vote for Pedro.

I’ll always remember our 2nd holiday to France in 2006 when LB collected all the empty pizza boxes, put them on the back of a skateboard, sat on it and drove them down the chateau’s corridor, delivering pizzas.

This was at the same time he got a splinter in his foot, and despite Andy having removed it, LB still maintained he could not walk properly, so kept asking people to carry him up the stairs. This proved tricky as his bedroom was on the third floor, and he would inevitably have left a bus downstairs so had to go all the way back down minutes later.

This third floor bedroom was the one which Connor threw his model “Vince” from to see if he could fly.   It turned out that the 3rd floor descent was a fatal fall and poor Vince came to pieces. LB buried him by a tree in the garden.

Thomley Hall where a great friendship started despite James P. knocking both your boys down a hole.  I will also never forget LB at the CPA saying “load of bollocks” under his breath.

LB: “Where do you live?”
Me: “Wheatley”
LB: “Near Plaistow’s Coach Company?”

Malvern Hills Residential
“What’s up LBstar?”
“Got the same shoes”
“Wow, shoe buddies”
Then that smile all day whenever LB saw my shoes. Just love him.

My favourite LB story, think it was my second day at JWS, it happened during one of my lessons. (Can’t remember what it was about but I can remember it wasn’t anything to do with colours!) I was still talking when LB said, “Is your mum black?” “No” I said. “Is your dad black?” “No”, desperately trying to get back to my lesson. LB said, “So why aren’t you black?” I stopped and said “LB, I’m really confused!!” He paused a while and said: “Me too. You’re from Africa so why aren’t you black?”


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