Will turned up this afternoon with a set of polaroid pics Owen took on a holiday in Pembrokeshire about 12 years ago.

Wow. In the moment, on the spot, happiness. More ‘instant’, more snapshot than conventional photos?  Breathtaking. Heartbreaking.

Gail, a ‘surprising Clare’ mate, posted a link to Simon and Garfinkel’s Bookends a bit later on Facebook. Her husband, Bob, died unexpectedly a few weeks before LB.

Says it all really. In few words.

… I have a photograph.

Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you...

I’d forgotten how much I love this song.


3 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. Its my son’s wedding anniversary tomorrow (13 Years) and in that time the “happy” couple have lost their two Dads, their brother, Nan and Grandad and their Mum almost left this mortal coil too! Life happens and special people are often lent to us for a short time….to teach us a life lesson! Not sure yet what it is but willing to learn! My son used to say “Some days you’re the statue and another day you’re the pigeon….its just life!” Perhaps it is!

  2. Breathtaking goes hand in hand with heartbreaking. I am in the lakes with mike and we are talking about our kids growing up. We had 2 days short of 26 years with max and john and 24 with anna too. Such joy. We have to think of john’s life as complete and astonishing but this grief is complete and astonishing too. Love nicki
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