Meeting Sam again

Rich and I met up with Sam on the bus this morning. Nearly a year since I met him and Doreen on the same bus. At the same time of day. At a time when LB was a cheerful pup. With no sniff of what was to unfold, so quickly. So unexpectedly.

I was glad to see Sam. Meeting other young dudes is something I love. I miss the colour LB brought to our lives on an almost daily basis. So effortlessly. An old tweet reminded me of how, when I’d asked him what he wanted to drink last New Year’s Eve, he’d replied “The fountain of youth”.  Without missing a beat.

“Hey, Sam! Are you off to Brookes?”
“Brookes, yeah. The bus is going to be full of people in a minute. So many students. Arghh!”
“Oh, yeah, Freshers week starts today. I forgot.”
“Freshers week. Yes. Students can join Keen and Mencap Oxford.”
“Very cool. Keen is brilliant. LB loved Keen Teens.”
“Keen, yes. It’s on again soon.”
“Yeah it must be. In a week or so?”
“October 14th. For Keen adults. October 14th.” [chuckle]
“What do Mencap Oxford do?”
“Seven o’clock club.”
“Ah, when’s that?”
“What do you do at Seven o’clock club?”
“Bingo. And other stuff.”
“Ah. Sounds good. What you up today at work?”
“Doing the dishwasher.”

Rich cried when we got off the bus. I didn’t.  I couldn’t believe the activities Sam mentioned (and seemed to love) were both run by charities.

And since googling the Seven o’clock club, I can’t believe it has an age range of 14-95. Deep breath. Fourteen to ninety five… And is over-subscribed with a waiting list.

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