LB’s Fighting Fund

We’ve set up a fund. It’s only taken around 3 months to organise and think about, but it’s now in existence and the full details are available here; LB’s Fighting Fund. Basically, in amongst the horror of the events of early summer, we found out that it was hugely important to get legal representation at the inquest. Without this, it would be harder (or pretty much impossible) for us to find out exactly why LB died, and what changes should be made to ensure that no other dudes experience what he experienced. This legal representation is hugely expensive.

So, so outrageously and enragingly unfair. Our son died, in the ‘care’ of the state, and we have to pay. Another example of a stinking system. We are lucky to have an exceptional legal team fighting LB’s corner (this is probably clear from the twists and turns of the past few months), including some pro-bono support (for which we are enormously grateful). We still need to raise in excess of £10,000 over the following months.

While thinking about fundraising, we hit on the idea of producing postcards, greetings cards and A5 prints of a couple of LB’s fantastic pictures. Crowdsourcing funds through selling single postcards at £1.50 (including p&p) with a range of alternatives to suit most pockets. So crack on over to LB’s Fighting Fund and order some postcards. Let’s get these babies pinging all over the country.

PS: This fund is to raise money purely to cover legal costs. If any of these costs are eventually recovered, or if LB’s artwork goes viral and outstrips the legal costs, we will split any remaining money between two charities; and OxFSN

6 thoughts on “LB’s Fighting Fund

  1. I have transferred some money but for some reason my gmail account doesn’t recognise your fighting fund email address. Wishing you all the best in your fight to get to the truth

  2. The incredible injustice of this makes me feel physically sick – people wouldn’t believe this if they were to read it in the paper, would they. Your lovely LB died in a Unit that was supposed to be keeping him “safe”, and in order to ensure a completely transparent investigation, you, his grieving family, has to meet the cost!! At a time, when finances should be the least of your worries / concerns. Our 22yr old son is presently in a Treatment & Assessment Unit in Surrey, where he has been for a month already – I have followed your posts for many months now, and read and re-read them, right back to pre-Christmas 2012. It will be no comfort whatsoever, I’m sure, but I wanted you to know that they have actually helped us to ask questions we may not otherwise have asked. I feel guilty saying that as I’m so aware we still have our son, albeit in a place that is absolutely not right for him, but they say there is “nowhere else” – the combination of learning disabilities, challenging behaviour (oops – behaviours that challenge (!) – and autism, being too much of a mix for the system apparently. I am quite sure your writing has already raised massive awareness and will continue to do so. Heartfelt thanks, and I am now going to attempt to purchase some cards and spread the word. The very best of luck and strength to you and all your family for this next phase xx

  3. Gail H and I have ordered an LB print to hang in the house where our two 23-year olds live with another friend. Our kids have a good life – see Gail’s latest post at – but we also know that we can never take our eye off the ball. My daughter has just started having seizures for the first time in her life, so you can imagine how I felt having been following your blog. Thinking of you as you continue to fight for your son.

  4. I am more than happy to offer a hall free of charge one Friday or Saturday night if you would like to do a fundraising evening. Please feel free to contact me at anytime at The Oxford Sports & Social Club on 01865 770163 or or if you can think of any other way we can help you to raise funds

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