Pug puppy in a blanket


We met with the investigators, Verita, this morning. They’re based in Soho which was one of LB’s fave haunts. We were there with him, one Sunday last June. On a day trip from the unit. It was hard to believe we were back in the same space to go through a report into his death.

But the investigation team were very professional, thorough, fair, sensible and kind. A kind of balm after our interactions with the Trust. We went through a few factual inaccuracies (getting to know the lingo now) and talked about a few bits in the report. We agreed with the conclusions anyway and think they nailed it really. So thank you.

Walking back to the bus stop, a pup captured the different feeling this meeting generated. Kind of pug puppy in a blanket feeling.


And then this van went passed us on the A40. The dude would have loved it.


7 thoughts on “Pug puppy in a blanket

  1. Good to see those adjectives for the investigation team. Love the pics! (Became the proud owner of a Buss Pass today! A new hobby ! Going to enjoy riding on London buses like LB did! ) love and hugs, Jenny xx

  2. Glad this was one of the better days. And glad the Verita people showed kindness. Much-underrated virtue and one that seems to have been sadly lacking, all round, for far too long in your lives.

    Love the pictures.

  3. It may not be of much use to you but there’s a tsunami of good will and respect for everything you are doing – from keeping up the fight, the rightful indignation and even (miraculously) the humour. Hope there are better days and breakthroughs in 2014 x

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