You and yours. And ours..

Unusually for me, on Sunday night I dreamt random, kind of sinister stuff. Empty and covered swimming pools, a gravy boat of incriminating bric-a-brac and secret nepotistic emails from Trust bigwigs. #allegedly

I was surprised at lunchtime yesterday to see tweets about LB on ‘You and Yours’, Radio 4. We knew there was a piece in consideration but I’d forgotten this in the maelstrom of Southern Health twist and turns. The programme wasn’t available on iplayer immediately but in a magical turn (of which there have been many over the past months), a copy became available. A copy we can keep. I was able to listen to the first half before going to a meeting with Oxfordshire Family Support Network about their work to help families and people who enter secure units. A group generating their own magic. Up against it, in terms of funding, but making remarkable strides in supporting families of disabled children/adults in Oxfordshire and beyond.

The ‘You and Yours’ report was thoughtful, comprehensive and context setting. It paved the way for the publication of the report into LB’s death. Howl. Sob. This is scheduled for next week, depending on the police enquiry. The programme included a statement from David Nicholson (DN), CEO of NHS England, who has become involved through twitter. In twitterland there was an element of comedy to DN’s involvement as his credentials as the ‘real’ David Nicholson were questioned. A parody DN? This made me chuckle. I won’t go back and find his rebuttal tweet, love him, but it was something along the lines of ‘if I appear fake it’s accidental, this is the real me’. One of those moments in tweet history, I’m sure, to be quoted in social media theses. I am who I am. Along the lines of it does what it says on the tin. Yep. With you on that one. As would LB.

The real DN’s involvement could be criticised. And I’m sure it will be. We couldn’t give a flying fuck to be honest. We’re just relieved that some sense and authority has entered into what has been a space of unrelenting incomprehensibility and horror.

For the first time in eight months we can step down and start to think about our beautiful dude. So thank you.

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