Smashing it up

The police want to delay publication of the report while they look further into possible prosecution. This could take months and delay the inquest. Our lovely CID guy explained their position carefully on the phone yesterday evening and was very clear about the various scenarios and possible outcomes. Big tick if anyone is keeping tabs on ‘learning’ from this beyond harrowing experience; being kept informed is crucially important.

Long discussion with Rich later. I agreed with him that we really want the report published now. We’d rather it was out in the public domain. Given that learning disabled people count less than non-learning disabled people, and evidence suggests that the high mortality rate among this group ain’t a priority, we’re not starting from a strong position to gain a criminal prosecution. And we’ve also been at the mercy of the consistently craphole actions of Southern Shite Health* for too long now.

We’d rather smash up the rulebook and not wait months to hear if there will be a prosecution. The inquest delayed further.

The depth and breadth of expertise of so many people on social media who are following what’s happening could shine an unusual light on the different issues raised in the report. Parents, disabled people, carers, academics, health, social care and legal professionals, mental capacity, human rights and policy experts, teachers, third sector workers, journalists, ‘general’ people and, of course, the real DN. The list is endless really.

If there is enough evidence for a prosecution, this will become apparent. If not, we’ll have generated a comprehensive discussion that should draw in broader cultural issues relating to being learning disabled in the UK. Because this was never about learning not to leave a learning disabled young dude with epilepsy in the bath unsupervised.

We’re meeting the police next week to discuss the publication of the report.


*Found out this afternoon that Southern S. Health passed on new documentation to Verita yesterday. Twenty weeks into the investigation and 2 days before the final report is due they discover that they didn’t send a full set of documents. No words really. Other than what a steamingpileofcrapshitewankstainballbags.

3 thoughts on “Smashing it up

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  2. That’s exactly what I am saying about our experiences ! It’s amazing we are all sharing the same experiences. We are all saying the same thing- but separately. We are all banging our heads up against a brick wall becoming frustrated, bewildered, angry, despairing almost radicalised. Whichever way and however you approach “them” you arrive at zero our stay at square one during which long drawn out time you are tortured and then punished with the fallout of the consequences that “they” have created.
    Sadly it seems by all our experiences that all our efforts at bringing into reality the humanity that we are lead to believe is what makes us humans different are being crushed by the people with no humanity and who have the power to do it. This problem is systemic.

    This systemic problem is made possible by the policy that drives it.
    The policy comes from the Government policy.
    The Government policy comes from the Government manifesto.
    The Government manifesto starts as the election manifesto.
    The election manifesto containing the policies is presented to the public at the general election.
    If the public want the policies they vote for them

    It’s simple, the public voted to cut welfare benefits.

    So what’s the answer if you’re in my position. (It’s all happening on our watch)

    I think what we are all saying should be said together as one voice, I think the
    total number of voices are considerable and we should all sign up to this (no charge) .
    We then agree a mandate list of requirements that must be carried out (now) .
    This could include funding, a dethroning of social services and clarification of social service legal limits making them a service proper.etc
    This mandate would be presented to the main political parties prior to the next general election offering them the chance to pledge to include our demands into their policy in return for our vote.
    If no party agrees we withhold our vote.
    We all know that politicians are desperate for every last vote.

    Kind regards

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