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  1. Oh God Sara, it just gets worse and worse. Why can’t they get any aspect of their “service / non -service” right?. The depth of their inadequacies and failings leaves me almost speechless, very sad and very angry. So goodness knows how you feel. So sorry xx

  2. The most appalling, outrageous and insensitive faux pas. They just keep turning the knife. So so sorry for you and your family, love and virtual hugs xx

  3. Oh Sara how much worse can it get? I feel so sorry for you all and can’t believe how stupid SH and their employees are – or maybe we do know otherwise LB would still be here…….

  4. I have followed your quest for the truth without comment, however, I’m afraid this further knife in the heart correspondence has just broken my heart for you all and I wanted to express my support for you and your family.

  5. Everyone above has already said all the things I could say, it is beyond believe and I am so so sorry that you and your family are being put through this nightmare.It feels so inadequate just to say that I am thinking of you and I wish there was more that I could do. Sending you love and strength. Noelle x

  6. Oh my god -This beggars belief !!!!! I can’t believe the utter misery and heartache they continue to cause you and your family .Thinking of you lots and wishing this system was not so screwed to have even ever allowed anything to have happened to LB .This is one complete balls up .They are appalling beyond words .Wish to god we could take to the streets and cause a fucking riot ! Won’t change the sad fact that your beautiful son is no longer here but jesus something needs to be done with these heartless bastards -sorry if I caused offence by swearing but i’m so upset for you all ! Big Hugs xxxx

  7. This highlights how little they know (we know you have a learning disability. We do not know how to take care of you in the most basic way) I would use it as a great big mallet to whack their heads with. It is shameful and I am so sorry you are being put through the wringer yet again. It just never lets up, does it? Sending you love and virtual hugs xxxxxx

  8. Oh sweet jesus, words fail me. You’ve got to question whether it’s intentional game playing now, how can they actually be this shite. How can every SINGLE member of their staff not know Connor Sparrowhawk’s name and story by now. What is wrong with them?

  9. Dear lord! “This helps us care for you well?!?!” David proud foot had better make a humble apology fast. This is corporate negligence, poor practise, lack of systems care and common decency. Dereadful.

  10. OMG Sarah.. Their sheer incompetence and disregard on all levels is appalling! I don’t know anyone better with words than you Sarah ….. But there are none for this…. Not printable anyway!

  11. Well it’s crap isn’t it, but it does give you an opportunity. It gives you an opportunity to be in touch with a member of staff who probably doesn’t know the back story, and tell them the truth about your situation (or, better still, delegate this job to a friend, as you are probably not feeling up to it – and why should you be?). It keeps up subtle pressure on the organisation because chances are their employees don’t know what happened, and chances are many would be as shocked as we are. Probably most of the employees in Southern Health are not in a position to talk to you for legal reasons. But hey, here’s one who started a conversation with you voluntarily. It might shock them into asking their employers some awkward questions in future.

  12. that is appalling , surely to God someone can get their finger out their ass and ensure that you dont have to deal with anymore shite like this! shameful!!!

  13. radio oxford are very good at asking searching questions . I would like to see them named and shamed for this letter now – even if you can not talk about the rest yet ! Look forward to hearing the interview on how they can excuse this utter cruel incompetence.

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