The final frontier

“Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust have reached an agreement with the police that we are able to publish a final copy of the fully redacted report.  We are of course very pleased about this as it allows a spirit of openness and transparency.  We remain committed to do everything we can to ensure we have learnt from the recommendations in the report.  The report will be published on Monday 24th February 2014 as per your request.”

8 thoughts on “The final frontier

  1. Sara I’m praying that the final report holds the truth and some answes to some of your agonizing questions …..
    LB would be so proud of his amazing family for pushing for justice . Another huge virtual hug being sent your way xx

  2. Nothing can make them look good, but some openess is a trimuph in this sorry affair.LB the main man is missing but his awesome family have strived as always in his honour and for the greater good for all learning disabled people and their families for equal recognition and and treatment.I hardly miss a day reading and rereading posts and my one enjoyment has been to see the lovely photo’s of LB, the surport that has poured out from day one, and the immense love that has come through from LB family truly amazing stuff! Sara you camera has captured something wonderful thank you for sharing it with us, I follow what your doing, I admire your strength and courage and never tire seeing pictures of your lovely boy. Much love Ann always been in the LB fan club.

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