Poohead and wnakers


Yesterday John Williams adopted Day 57 of #107days and dedicated his comedy show, ‘My son’s not Rainman’, to LB. He was performing at the Kenton Theatre in Henley along with Dave Griffith, aka King Cnut. Dave in a bizarre coincidence given we’ve followed each other on twitter for a while, is actually Will and Owen’s uncle. Funny world. The show was a sell out.


John (I think I can call him that now as we had a big old hug and he is like one of those people you feel like you’ve known your whole life) was hilarious. He captured the whole randomness of life with a dude like LB and his son, Fin with the funniest of funny anecdotes. Stories of crazy golf, blue tac and biting. A letter his son wrote him when he went away, signed ‘lost and lost of love’ with a matchstick drawing of the pair of them. A letter he later defaced adding Poohead and drawing a turd on his dad’s head. We laughed till we cried. What made the show so powerful was the deep love and affection that John openly demonstrated for Fin throughout. And what was even more blinking brilliant was how much the audience laughed, everyone getting a dose of a wonderful dad son relationship that is just a bit different.

John ended with a massive shout out for LB, #107days and played Divine Comedy/LB film on the big screen. More tears…

After Marcus Richardson’s debut as a comedy poet (very, very funny with moves that have no name), it was King Cnut’s turn with ‘C U in Court’. This is a hilarious story about ‘the little man’ taking on a giant corporation over the use of ‘CNUT (French Correction)’ on t-shirts. Dave’s strong sense of justice combined with remarkable determination and tenacity meant he not only refused to be bullied by the French Connection monster (who seem to have PR/Comms staff fresh from the Sloven School of Staff Training) but became an expert in trademark law and set about policing their design activities. Brilliantly funny and astonishing.

It was a right old belly laugh of an evening and seeing John at the end of the show, working his bollocks off selling LB’s postcards in the foyer was awesome. 58 days of something you couldn’t make up.



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