For the nerdy, for learning and toast

Been chewing over whether or not to share this chronology here. I recently received a copy of the “Chronology of Trust actions with the family from the time of Connor’s death to sharing of final investigation report with Connor’s mother” amongst a few documents as part of an Access to Records request. The Slovens circulated a snappy little version of our communications with them to key stakeholders. Oh my giddly gawd.

I have to warn that my revised version, with the gaps filled in, presents such a micro level of grubby detail it’s a visual version of nails screeching down a blackboard. So this is really only for the nerdy* and for feeding into learning how to communicate better with families when you’ve allowed your provision of healthcare to slip so far down into shitsville, a young man with epilepsy is left to drown in the bath. Within feet of four members of staff. In a specialist unit.

For those of you who choose not to read it, here’s a bit of Tori and Toast.

*Nerdy is good in my book.

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