Procrastination, the never never and Barry

I watched a set of podcast lectures the other weekend about research methods. This was a novel development. I was able to crack on with a bit of much needed clearing up/cleaning in the space close to the computer while learning some stuff. I could probably turn the sound up louder and apply this focus beyond this immediate area (a metre or so) but it was a good start.

I was also struck, from a teaching perspective, by the procrastination in several of the lectures. The “and I’ll come back to that..” refrain. Without ever doing so.

“Ooph”, I winced, shovelling dust mountains off paperwork dating back ten years. “Not good. You can’t push the tricky bits to the never never.” [Gulp]

STATT was an exemplar in procrastination. Week after week community team meeting minutes recorded what was going to happen. With no actual doing. And no one bothered to check that the proposed doings had been done. It was like small scale performance of hot air to the tune of £3500 a week per patient. Pretty spectacular really. Our dealings with the Sloves since include some cracking moments of procrastination. The bullshite detector must have a missing battery or summat.

When someone dies a preventable death in the NHS, one of the first things that should happen is the stamping out of procrastination (and prevarication). It’s inhumane and offensive. And is experienced as a type of ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse to the shattering of lives. Allowing or enabling either of these two ‘Ps’ (and the ever present billy BS) is further evidence of glut, disregard, disrespect, indifference and an enormous finger at an agenda allegedly prioritising transparency and candour.

There should be a ‘procrastination police’ type person (the old caped crusader even) to stop faff, procrastination and prevarication on behalf of families.

A Barry will do. It really ain’t rocket science.



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