From puzzlement to good old humanity

Being a bit buffeted around the houses at the mo with the various happenings around the various non happenings around what’s (not) happened. Yep. A year on and … ? Not an awful lot really. Though a lot on paper. The wheels of justice and accountability seem to turn anti-clockwise when it comes to learning disabled people.

I heard tonight that Rodgers Coaches who dedicated three red double decker buses to LB have dedicated a fourth. Apparently the sign writer won’t take payment.  As the legendary Mrs Buhweet says ‘give a person a chance to show their humanity, and they will’.

Here’s to what you can do. If you can. And you do it.

To Linda Rodgers, Mrs Buhweet and the sign writer. Who show how it can and should be done.

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2 thoughts on “From puzzlement to good old humanity

  1. I actually had a letter from a real person at DWP today which suggested I should apply for additional benefit and offered to help. Yes, there are real people out there who have real heart.

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