The Sloven Dept of Managing Catastrophic Incidents

No sniff of any answers to my questions to Katrina Percy. But, believe it or not, another invitation to meet with her through the Sloven twitter account. Yep. The Sloven twitter account that has blocked most #justiceforLB followers. [My brain melts at this action in the brave new world of transparency and openness but I suppose at least they seem to have ditched their ridiculous social media advice laboriously (and bizarrely) recounted to Monitor in their briefing about LB].


We don’t want to meet Katrina Percy. It’s really offensive to keep asking us. Agent T reported back from a board meeting she attended in March that Simon Waugh, Chair of the Board, told KP firmly it was time to stop asking (pestering) us to meet. It could be construed as insensitive and in fitting with their agenda rather than ours. Er, yep. Spot on Mr Waugh.

Getting answers to our questions should not be conditional on meeting Katrina Percy. That would be really a shitty move. But then I suppose the unanswered questions point to an organisation that excels in shitty moves. And another fail for the Sloven Department of Managing Catastrophic Incidents and their consequences for Staff Family Members.

I’ll bung a copy to Simon Waugh tomorrow. He seems to have a bit of sense about him.

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