Background Briefing on mother’s blog

Just when you think you’ve waded through the worst of the shite, another FOI request pings in. [From the CCG, not from Sloven]. This one includes the Background Briefing on mother’s blog.  Written the day after the day after LB died. And yet they have not 16 months on disciplined staff.

Remembering INQUEST being in touch that day to tell us we needed to act fast…and our complete shock/disbelief at this advice…

And Simon Waugh, Board Chair, telling me categorically last week there was no surveillance…

Here it is. No words really. Well other than you complete fucking self protecting defensive shoddy shitty lying scum-of-the-world bastards. With no commas.

And the blog was inspired by family life with kid who sat outside the box and taught us so much. Not professional interests and photography.

He died.
Blog briefing

It’s worth clicking on the pingbacks included in the comments below to read other thoughts about this latest development. Some interesting reflections on the ethics of surveillance, data protection issues and potential human rights breaches.

42 thoughts on “Background Briefing on mother’s blog

  1. This is just beyond awful in all dimensions. There are no words adequate to describe their despicable behaviour and attitude. No words to help your heartbreak which is compounded with every move they make and have made. I hope they are still monitoring your blog. They at least need to be aware that their despicable actions are public knowledge.
    Now more than ever I hope you can stay strong. They must not grind you down. #justiceforLB

  2. The fact they discussed and actually recorded this is awful, as everybody says, but it also demonstrates their unprofessional actions, attitude and approach towards you personally.
    They have dug themselves into a seriously big hole with this.
    Somehow your own decency previously stopped you fully believing any “caring” organisation could act in such a callous, self- interested and unprincipled manner.
    This makes it clear they were always suspicious, defensive and antagonistic towards you. Also that here is no dirty trick they won’t stoop to.
    You mustn’t let yourself be dragged down by this. However hurtful. It actually proves your case.

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  4. I am shocked at the level they sank to at any point, let alone the day after he died. They should be ashamed have they no heart at all or only thoughts of self preservation. Sending you virtual hugs

  5. They are simply disgusting! So they think that by badmouthing you, it may take some of the heat off them perhaps? Diversional tactics?! Not a damn chance! We all know what they are & what they’ve done… and no one will forget it either! I admire you for shouting from the rooftops… every parent with a child/young person with disabilities will be rooting for you… and for some real justice for LB. xx

  6. They should be ashamed. How terrible is it that they are not? Are they incapable of saying “What did we do to this family? How could we let it happen?”

    The system stinks. Humanity squeezed out by cowardice and self interest. But they will have to work harder than usual at shrugging it off, and that is something, a start, a crack in the bland facade. You are fighting for your son, and have given heart to others – and that is no small thing.

  7. Dear Sara,
    It is awful that you were lied too. But it is even worse that they monitored your blog, noted your post which mentioned LB’s seizure and then did nothing.
    I am so very sorry that you and your family have lost the joy of LB in your lives,

    • There is something seriously wrong with this country’s health and social services if the first thing they teach their management staff is how to cover their arse in an emergency. Forget teaching responsible basic good care. Forget teaching compassion and integrity. Rule number one is to close ranks. Rule number two is to discredit the opposition. Rule no. 3 is to make certain they have the biggest guns. However this time the opposition may have a secret weapon. This time people have had enough of this outrageous indifference towards families whose loved ones lives are perceived as irrelevent.

      • They used to be able to rely on another rule though, didn’t they? Silence and isolate the families. Losing control of that may be a problem that may render 1 and 2 less effective. A reputation that rests on throwing money at PR is a teensy bit brittle in the present climate, when the number of angry families is growing. Unfortunately, the can still buy the legal means to close down outrage.

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  9. Hold on Sara they haven’t even begun with the shit slinging . I am another ‘ Mum ‘ the ‘ Mother ‘ , Just closer to the finishing post by a few months. You can take it so can I and our children will have justice.There are no depths to which they will not sink and lets get over the fact they couldn’t give a shit, they never did. Grief can wait x

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    • Hi, I had a call at work one day from a member of staff from the unit who said he wanted me to know he was reading my blog. It was an odd conversation that made me feel uncomfortable, but it wasn’t clear what the purpose of the call was really. I think it was some weeks after LB went into the unit.

      • This provides a bit more context to the call. Extract from the unit CTM minutes: 22.4.13 “xxx has been looking at mum’s blog in which she asks lots of questions about his care which she does not ask us. xxx would like to say he has read it and ask if she would like to explain the questions she has asked.”

  14. Does that minute make sense to you? If the phone call didn’t makes sense to you at the time, the two accounts (yours and theirs) seem a bit inconsistent. If they had offered you the chance to ask questions, I can’t see that you would have failed to?

    What gets written down, and what happened do sometimes diverge. I have often thought that if I ever get to see what is written down about me, I would bust a gasket.

    • The minute makes sense to me but the call didn’t. It was a bit of a rambling monologue from what I remember.

      Yes, it is pretty awful to read it, Lizzie at times. Mostly when you read an account that presents a sanitised or partial version, rather than the naff ‘mum this’ ‘mum is hostile’ type stuff…

      For example, the exchange I recounted here;

      was summarised in the social care notes as something like; mum called and the psychiatrist kindly arranged for a prescription to be left at the surgery…

      Gasket busting stuff.

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  28. How…why. are these people somehow able to leave their humanity and basic decency at the door…what exactly do they think they are protecting.

  29. Ironically, if protecting their reputation is the first thing they learn, they do not do it well. No wonder their clinical proficiency is lacking too. Not to mention common humanity. I find it hard to believe that having written that about your epilepsy concerns NO ONE has yet been punished. What more evidence is required. Sob, rage, frustrated and helpless

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