The Wrong Nolan(s)

The Mother Blog Briefing continues to chill me. I woke in the early hours with a sense of horror and deep distress. Glad to read Tim Turner’s thoughts on the data protection issues raised by this document. Some relief in hearing sense.

A blog briefing. Within 24 hours of LB’s death. A blog monitored for months yet no engagement with the content. Other than scrutiny through a reputation and defamation (hungry) lens. Missing the warning signs of missed seizures and lack of action. Post Winterbourne View. So revealing of the disconnect between humanity and process that pervades health and social care.

I listened to the Sloven Board Chair talk for over two hours a week or so ago. My head spun and I felt sick afterwards. Simply bullshit.  Eau de Sloven Shite.  Not intentionally, I’m sure, given the sincerity he tried to convey. But lines fed to him by the senior Sloven team, swallowed and regurgitated. Despite the complete absurdity of much of what he said.

  • He can’t walk down the corridor in the upper regions of Sloven Towers without someone stopping him to tell him of my international reputation (if only) in learning disabilities and longstanding campaigning. (AKA: ‘Mum is known to the trust’).
  • LB was such a funny and entertaining young man, staff forgot he was a patient and treated him as a part of the team.
  • There was no monitoring of my social media activity.

There is a straightforward set of principles guiding public office holders. The Nolan Principles.

Nolan psCracking set of principles. For those serving the public. Both of which Sloven seem to be unaware of. Makes me wonder if the wrong Nolan(s) are filling the Sloven corridors. With this bunch, anything is possible.

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Nolan(s)

  1. I read your blog for longer than they did, and had no doubt that it was ABOUT LB, your love and committment, your anxiety about their failure to listen, and your worries about their attitude to his epilepsy. No wonder they didn’t want you to know they were reading it too – because your honest account stands in very stark comparison with their versions and attempts at covering themselves..

    Just read another account where a mother was refused permission to take her son to a coffee shop because there wasn’t a member of staff available to supervise. Another mother painted black – so easy!

    This is wickedness, or insanity. Layer upon layer of disdain for mother, families. It can’t go on being unchallenged, no matter what. The pain and distress for you is unbearable, but your refusal to be manipulated is so right, and such an example.

  2. Sara I am not clever enough to understand half of this, all I know is that it doesn’t get me in the mood for dancing. Id say that you have highlighted how clueless,(apart from financially) disinterested and callous
    to the very core, these organisations are.

  3. The briefing note you have put up today has infuriated me so heaven knows what effect is has had on you!

    Are we supposed to accept that a death from lack of care is now a natural cause? No big deal, no need for outrage or comment? And what do they think they can say to you in a face to face meeting that will cause you to stop being critical, or do anything to ease the pain?

    The whole tenor of their hints and innuendo is that social media ought to be a branch of PR with never any understanding that they have any case to answer, or that any of the outrage expressed is more than justified. Does KP really think that an “apology” would work better than a proper account of what happened, what was going to be done about it and some real concern or accountability? Can’t they not understand that such bland indifference and complacency is what got them into this in the first place, and continuing to display it won’t get them out of it.”Open to the media”? Of course. But nothing much useful to say.

    The sheer horror of it has to be terrible for you, and nothing any of us can do. So sorry.

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