PALS and fuckwattery

Seems to be the case that Sloven can lie, spin and bully to their hearts content. I received another letter from the Board Chair this week. Billy bullshite strung together by the stubborn stains on a pair of Sloven undercrackers. Then Sloven, seemingly in cahoots with that bastion of glitzy self award ceremonies *cough cough* razor sharp reporting, the HSJ, stated that Katrina Percy stepped down from the RCGP Inquiry into Patient Centred Care in the 21st Century last summer. For the greater good of humankind.

Given that myself, Noelle Blackman and Chris Hatton had a fairly awkward, distressing (for me) and lengthy discussion about KP’s place on this inquiry with the chair, Mike Farrar, on October 6th, this latest statement from Sloven Towers is yet another lie. But hey, maybe her resignation letter got lost? Maybe, as the Hatt suggested on twitter yesterday, it’s what the woman in the Going Viral video was looking for?

We have a chuckle in the justice shed.

But actually it’s pretty shit really. Given these practices can just continue even after they are exposed. I’ve documented terrible treatment towards us on these pages. To what end? More tumbleweed. Apparently we need to put in an official complaint through (Sloven) PALS (Patient and Liaison Service – I think).

I made a complaint about Sloven in March 2013. My main complaint was that I wasn’t listened to. After some delay (obligatory) I received the outcome in June. Complaint not upheld. Two weeks later LB died because I wasn’t listened to.

Fuckwattery anyone?

9 thoughts on “PALS and fuckwattery

  1. They are conditioned not to listen because if they do it costs money! There is no ‘care’. Our LA (Cambridgeshire) website for adult social care reads like a glossy magazine, truckloads of information how they can help (no doubt produced at extensive staff cost) but it is all lies! The LA’s are big rumbling ogres of machines supporting themselves at the cost of meeting needs!!

  2. Ah PALS and the customer journey begins. The long awaited response. The treachery and the apology. They are getting it right you see, you don’t agree? Well that journey you have been on. They know lots of other places you might like to spend time and money visiting and they would happily signpost you, if you still can’t see that they actually got it right Mum. x They only just hold off telling you to calm down dear, they are ruder as time goes on knowing you are going nuts and just holding on. PALS the first slap.

    • Having been all the way round the years long LA complaints merry go round, where the LA was eventually reprimanded for a string of incompetence by the independent panel. Panel ‘advised ‘ LA to meet from us in order to learn from us, and the LA refused. Panel went home. LA ignored all the other findings/recommendations out of this panel. So on to next lengthy leg, LA Ombudsman who found same string of incompetence, and fined LA , LA said ‘No Thanks’. In the end LA belatedly agreed to stupendously insulting pennies; and my son suffered for years and is permanently damaged. All this challenging took our years…and not a whisker have I seen, is changed in this LA’s culture and style; in our experience; nasty and nastier. They too know all, and prettily publish, the empty promise words.

      In this context: what exactly, is the role and or the point of the CQC, if all that happens even after proven neglect and abuse of our sons and daughters, is that we families are run further round and round this punishing closed circle, for years……for end point of no hope, no justice and no change.

      • I think you will find it is Monitor /ombudsman that need to act. CQC are regulators of health and social care Act ie regulators. Complaint management dealt with by ombudsman and Trust relationships and monitoring by Monitor.

  3. I wasn’t chuckling in the justice shed – I was shell shocked. I’m sitting here and my mind just can’t get round it.

    • No, I was being flippant Shirley. A bit of laughter is a slight (or temporary) antidote to such awfulness. We can’t make any sense of it either. This whole public playing out of a bullying, lying Trust with no sanction whatsoever is leaving us reeling. x

  4. Sorry Sara I knew you were being flippant but I just couldn’t manage it yesterday. Sometimes I fall over laughing at the letters I get from the LA they are so childish. But they are always covered – sick leave, resignation, whatever. depression work load. Surrey have just overruled my EPA, and allowed themselves full rights over my son’s money. I IcaInt think of any way to fight them just dont let the bastards get you down. I think of LB every day it helps

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