The AGM, the Godfather and happiness

It was the My Life My Choice AGM this afternoon. It was dedicated to LB and the theme was happiness and laughter. It kicked off with a bit of spontaneous dancing to Will Pharrell’s Happiness. I ain’t a spontaneous dancer in any way but what a cracking way to start an AGM (or any meeting). There followed a series of ‘official’ (dosh and voting new trustees) and informal (laughing yoga and chatting about highlights of the year) bits. For a lengthy meeting, the organisation/design was exceptional.

I had a slot in which I gave a brief update about #justiceforLB and the ways in which MLMC had worked with/supported us. I forgot to copy my slides onto my memory stick but it didn’t matter. They’ve been so consistently supportive it was easy to recount the many examples.

There were refreshments and party poppers. New trustees were voted in. Disappointment among unsuccessful candidates managed by similarly disappointed candidates or the new geezers.

I live tweeted bits of the meeting. Michael ‘the Godfather’ Edwards was there. I was a bit in awe really. I remember reading an article about him years ago in a Sunday mag. How, in our local day centre, he spent his days sorting something like nails into different boxes. If they finished sorting before the end of the day (mid afternoon) the boxes were emptied back into the pile for re-sorting.

This story stayed with me. An almighty howl of frustration. LB was a pup at the time. I was determined he wouldn’t lead a stripped out, colourless, pointless life.


Michael was the ‘celebrity’ in the room. Held in warm respect. A lot of young dudes from the local college were present for part of the meeting. Some fidgeting and nudging. Some eye rolling.They chipped in. A student was voted one of the new trustees.

There were very few ‘professionals’ present. I googled the Michael Edwards article when I got home. It was from 2001. I was surprised it was so recent. Jan Walmsley was there today. As she was in 2001.


A piece of my heart broke a tiny bit more.

2 thoughts on “The AGM, the Godfather and happiness

  1. It was a great feel good event. Great to see the blog about it already, and the photo. I should have been at an NHS Leaders Awards ceremony today, for Thames Valley and Wessex. I am so pleased I chose My Life My Choice AGM instead. two very different worlds. I know which I prefer,
    Keep up the good work, MLMC and Sara, and OxFSN

  2. Lovely to have you there. The members and trsutees were delighted that you took the time to be with us. The “history of self-advocacy in Oxfordshire” film will be out soon – featuring The Godfather & Jan Walmsley. Premiere some time in the next few months…Bryan

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