7 thoughts on “What Sloven did after last summer

  1. Sara the Trust ,Health Ombudsman, Monitor and the CQC are the bunch. What passes for reasonable treatment and behavior by one is seconded by the next in the chain. We are on their ride (having taken up the invitation in good faith ) and now they decide how fast it goes and when the brakes are violently applied. There is no justice in the complaints system, it is a time wasting exercise that literally takes years. Legal action is the only way to go. The truly abhorrent interactions with relatives of someone who has suffered a preventable death are second nature to NHS health trusts. Unless you settle for a well crafted apology your family are fair game. Save something of yourself for next year X

  2. There isn’t a whole lot of justice in the legal system either, unless you are rich,powerful or very lucky. But hanging on to what is right and being angry is still worth it, if exhausting. In refusing to go quietly, you give us all courage and hope.

  3. I wonder if CQC. Monitor and Ombudsman etc etc would together agree to meet us families whose unique and vulnerable son or daughter has been killed or permanently damaged through organisational negligence or abuse, to learn from us where they need to get a grip?
    So many lives blighted by numerous arrogant disrespects; years lost through pain, grief and anger and then so many more years used up in our fight for justice

  4. Agreed, I am gagged at present but going quietly is not an option even if I achieve the outcome I desperately want. I don’t buy the new dawn for 2015 of fundamental standards and candour I hope everyone whose life is now shaped by past service failure in the NHS can keep going long enough to achieve justice for their loved ones and then have something left to shout it out for all to hear. Our loss becomes a Trust historic event in the blink of an eye. I ache to cross the finish line to just mourn my child for me and not give a sod about anything/anyone else for a time.Sara is an inspiration and is championing so many but I hope her finish line comes in 2015 as well.

  5. Having lost our beautiful baby son during labour in 1993, it very quickly became clear that things had gone badly wrong and the hospital very quickly closed ranks to protect a mildly famous consultant. We followed the complaints procedures etc and were met with a blank wall, luckily in our day we still had the community health council who were brilliant and eventually we took legal action when all we actually wanted was recognition that things had gone wrong, an apology and assurances that things would change. The whole process took 4 years and we never did get an apology but we at least made them address some of the issues. We had lots of issues with parts of notes missing and so on the best advice I got was to go and see the original notes and stand over someone whilst they photocopy them, if you ask for a copy you tend to get the edited highlights. I know things are different now we qualified for legal aid at the time, but taking legal action seemed to us the only way left to us that we could stand up for our son.

  6. It happened whilst we slept, but I’m afraid all appears stitched up.. We live in a totalitarian state, and there is no longer any means of enforcing rights.

    All is posturing,pretence, and smoke and mirrors.

    But the money made from ‘autism’ and all mentally disordered drug treatment and care, is real. unchecked, and unaccountable.

    Exactly what they want, as all is just a money making exercise.

    An action for breach of statutory duty is legally, practically impossible, even if you could get an expert, and an unbias lawyer and judge.

    Read my blog on googling finolmoss

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