4 thoughts on “The investigation map

  1. Sara I have my PHSO final report today . I hope this information serves you. I began my complaint on the 20th May 2013 six days after my daughters funeral she died aged 28. My complaint is partly upheld. The report is garbage even the summary that will be published has inaccuracies that I cannot correct. Here are a few niceties from the pros . Consultant stated in the draft that I had “refused to allow them to help her daughter ” final report becomes “spoke on the telephone, but without success” at the point my daughter lay dying. This person was responsible for monitoring a black triangle medication, he never evaluated my daughters shingles infection . She died after a second catastrophic infection. She was never given updated alert cards and patient information.She had no contact from her specialist team in over 100 days.

    The PHSO have decided that human rights and rights of a person with disabilities with communication needs are not matters for investigation .My fault in not raising these keywords in my original complaint ? I stated inadequate pain relief and suffering. So no palliative care assessment just nod if you can. Where is the pain? dodgy that one. My daughter died a horrific death. No regard to equality in any way and therefore a disabled person is obliged to suffer .

    Data loss covered by “his way of working meant that much of what he intended to say would have been kept in his head and that when he died they had to start looking at your complaint again ”
    It is a shambles and I am one of the 1.4 % who gets an investigation. A complete and utter waste of £83k .

    Sara I am so sorry for your loss and I do not want to intrude at this most painful of times but for Christs sake put away your scented candle and tool up, sue the Trust. Don’t go anywhere near the rest of the artful bastards .

    • You keep posting Nic, this all needs to be shouted about. So sorry about what happened to your daughter, and the nightmare since she died. What a terrible, festering, toxic system. Artful bastards indeedy. xx

  2. From our PHSO report the palliative care.

    ‘ both syringe drivers available to ( district nurse)s are currently in use’.’ Could one be loaned from the hospice over the weekend?’ This a week before death, the driver was made available a week later.

    ‘Concern raised by mum and dad ,very agitated ,with muscular spasm and breathlessness while awaiting visits from (district nurses )for stat injections.

    ‘Nursing staff report to me having not seen severe agitation and hence have been happy to continue with stat injections ‘

    No evaluation of ability to communicate pain by anyone and as family we are ignored and not believed as standard.
    NO investigation of human rights breached or equality discrimination by the PHSO. An entire week of suffering endured by our dying daughter. Second rate service delivery for perceived second class human beings.

    The GP adviser to the PHSO ‘did not get the sense of uncontrolled pain ‘

  3. Sara (for another time I apologize for the timing ) The last para of my report has actually done for me after all. It is the validation of adequate pain relief.

    ‘being unsettled , in pain and having muscle spasm, and injections being given with some improvement. Increase in the syringe driver medication , as well as stat dose again, apparently some response ‘

    The response was death. The adviser had the last word in the entire report and he didn’t even notice he was referencing the last medical intervention
    .Wishing you every ounce of support for 2015 and justice.

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