NH-Kafka-S and smoking mirrors

A response to our question about staff disciplinary actions. From NHS England. At long last. We’ve pressed for information about this endlessly. I’ve lost count of how many tweets, bleats and rants I’ve done/produced. Sorry to be so relentlessly tedious. I’ve bored myself.But hey. What a response.

“1 member of staff has left the trust and has been formally referred to the NMC.

Disciplinary hearings for 3 members of staff will be held in December. This has been delayed as we previously understood that these would take place in October.

2 junior staff have been investigated and have returned to work under supervision, following additional training.

The doctor involved has left the trust, as you are aware. We believe that they are no longer registered in the UK. We understand that the GMC are carrying out their own process in regard to this doctor. I believe that Sara Ryan is aware of this.

The duration of time that this is all taking to conclude is very regrettable. The Trust have acknowledged this and apologise for it. They have explained that some of the staff involved have had periods of sickness, which has resulted in their cases being unable to be progressed. There was also an issue of staff being subject to Ridgeway policies, which were not wholly fit for purpose and subsequent negotiation with the staff representatives to agree a way forward.”

What the fuck is going on? Have Sloven got some sort of royal family type force field around them? How can the response to ‘Can you let us know where the HR investigations are after 16 months’ come back framed in complete fuckwattery;  ‘We previously understood’, ‘we believe’, ‘the duration of time that this is taking to conclude is very regrettable’This is the sort of language used when people complain about crap food, uncooked chicken, buying mouldy veg and flakey 3G coverage. LB was a fit and healthy young man with his life ahead of him. Please don’t reduce his death to the equivalent of a consumer complaint. 

So. As ever. Questions/comments. Questions we shouldn’t be asking.

Why has it taken so long to get an update on the above?
Why do the numbers of staff involved change on every iteration?
Why are the disciplinary hearings to be held in December? LB died 19 months before this. How can this process possibly take this long?
You know I’m aware that the GMC are carrying out their own process about the doctor because I fucking referred him/her. Because no one else would.
The time taken isn’t ‘regrettable’. It’s barbaric.
We haven’t had the luxury of taking ‘periods of sickness’ because of what we’re up against.
Don’t pull the ‘Ridgeway policy’ card. You took over this organisation knowing the issues involved.
Given crap all has happened in over 16 months, what a meaningless statement from NHS England about pressing for progress.

And, as ever, you absolute fucking bastards. Typical bastardry by Sloven, half arsed, lily livered NHS England response, complete duck out by Monitor, behind the fence shivering from the local authority/clinical commissioning group and some action by the CCQ.

What an absolute shambles.

5 thoughts on “NH-Kafka-S and smoking mirrors

  1. Our bastard doctor retired and his garden is open to the public, lovely pic in the local press. He promised a syringe driver for pain relief, it arrived a week later 22 hours before our daughters death. The designated specialist nurse sent a how ya doing text to our daughter while she lay dying. How long she take off I wonder to recover from the ‘support ‘ of the last eight years. Shower of shits.

  2. Sara you use the word “shambles” Interestingly I have judgment in the Court of Protection from Mr Justice Charles. vice president of the Court which states that the case put by the Official Solicitor acting as my son’s litigation friend was a “shambles”. The case continued, and iis still in the Court today. Shambles is how it is, everyday for our sons and daughters and the law condones it. Fucking bastards fucking fucking bastards.

  3. All the staff mentioned have moved onto the other unit on sight or to High Wycombe. It really is comical. Glad I am out of the shambles called Southern health. Hope they rot in hell!!!!!!!!!

  4. The people who are disciplined are not those truly responsible, they are just pawns offered up for blame.

    The systems of checking, and needless deaths have increased to 3 a day.

    All those in need, are now, just fodder for the huge unaccountable NHS and Care industry .

    The mobidity rate of the mentally disabled is allowed to remain high, despite the profit made from them being much greater. ie £4,000 per week to encage, force feed drugs, ( they are also pharma cows), and supervise.

    Do not let anyone ever, try to even mention, let alone convince you this is about cost cutting.

    This is about making as much money as possible, out of disability and need.

    Education package charity, NAS residential school, and care agency in the past 2 years of my daughter being home, have made 200,000 , and we have received no overnight respite, Issy no overnight respite and no education ie no school. And she has now refused to go out for 8 months, and we cannot get her on holiday, as we used to, just because they wanted to push her into independent encagement early, to make even more money, although of cause because of Issy’s language communication, we cannot prove this.

    The state have discovered a huge source of potential, captive, silent income – the mentally disabled and disordered, and they have a sea of migrant and unemployed workers, and the one eyed expert is king,all is emporers clothes, and the courts rubber stamp to increase the service users, so it is the perfect business model.

    How can the disabled service users, or their families complain, and as they cannot, any service will do.

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