The Sloven Book of Dirty Tricks

Pre-Inquest Hearing yesterday. And Sloven added a new chapter to their Book of Dirty Tricks. Delay, as always, was a Sloven feature. They circulated their submission 3.5 hours before the meeting started. Classy little technique. Reading it at home, and weeping, I thought back to the meeting we had with David Nicholson where he said something about the Trust not contesting LB’s death (I mean how can you, really?)

How can you? Well Sloven, turning up en masse with a barrister, a solicitor, their in house legal person and the now too familiar medical director, gave it a go. In an obscenely offensive move. They argued that there should not be a jury at the inquest because LB’s death wasn’t – wait for it – violent or unnatural.

Yep. I ain’t joking.

It’s indescribable how awful it is to read such dirty little, lying, contradictory, game playing, rubbish about the death of your child. This is the NHS?

Note to Sloven and team. If you fully accept the findings of a report stating that a patient died a preventable death, don’t pitch up in a courtroom setting six months later and claim he died of natural causes.

Complete scum of the earth stuff.

The coroner dismissed it straightaway.

19 thoughts on “The Sloven Book of Dirty Tricks

  1. And its all paid for with our money.

    Such are our, paternalistic,evermore powerful, rip off public services,

    No wonder there are fewer and fewer inquests, and coroners courts, throughout the country, are starved of cash.

  2. This is the NHS, service failure without injustice is their best and final offer now sod off and weep .Praise be for the coroner ! the scum pack have you in their sights but you are not their usual prey x they are waking up to that fact I hope.

  3. and on the day when NHS England promise yet again that they will get people out of the hands of the Assessment and Treatment system, this is so disappointing to read. Keep on fighting, Sara

  4. The “good” thing about a PIR is that you get to see the way they are setting their stall out. You get a good idea of who you’ll be facing in from their side in the actual inquest, what they’re going to say and how they’re going to say it. It also gives you the opportunity to meet the coroner and for him to meet you. I could say more, but as I’m presuming Southern Health will be reading this and we’ll be meeting them and their legal team in our own inquest shortly – I won’t.

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  6. The sheer audacity of it. How can they possibly think that there is any chance that they might come out of this squeaky clean? They have some seriously rose tinted glasses. Thank heavens for common sense and a coroner who doesn’t use the same optician! Hang on in there Sara. Sending virtual hugs. Xxx

  7. Pain and panic knee jerk reaction – they know they are wrong but they’ll go down fighting because that’s the psychology of it – ‘it’s your fault’ because you exposed them. This should be a manslaughter charge – any other situation it would be. Keep going you lovely people who inspire, move and give hope to other families x

    • Call me an old cynic, but I am highly suspicious that Sloven’s first signs of ‘being human’ come only *after* the coroner has given them a good kicking. Smells like tactics to me, and tactical humanity, in most people’s book, can’t help but be a spurious article. Probably features in the ‘Useful Tools’ appendix to that Sloven book you mention.

  8. Sara one from the book of dirty tricks, buried in a 5″ pile of documents I have just received that have been seen by everyone except me. An entry in a critical timeframe has my daughter attending a smoking cessation advisor before going on holiday. She was bedridden with infection and was severely disabled without the dexterity to contemplate smoking. The entry at the time the consultant failed to monitor her places her in some sunny climate far away. The ‘ error ‘ will now be erased , how on earth did that happen. You must rely on your team you cannot do this alone, let them be your eyes , there are the darkest of deeds afoot and you are in this arena now. Keep well x

    • This is the NHS management mafia at its most potent. When did truth, honesty and integrity die in the NHS? Or has it never been included in their training schedules?

      • No, just self preservation, risk assessment, how to have difficult conversations and how to avoid.

        All required by government policies.

        Self preservation and money making in certain areas ie for drugs, consultants and managers, is king.

        And when things do go wrong, and someone does manage to prove it, they gag them and pay them and their lawyers with your money, as were the fines imposed on Staffordshire hospital.

        So it really is obscene.

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