The Pre-Inquest Review

Seventeen months after LB’s death, the pre-inquest review hearing is taking place tomorrow afternoon. In a room in County Hall, Oxford. The building where I used to attend meetings about provision for disabled kids in Oxford. Transport issues and cuts. The Parents Advisory Group.

There’s not much to say at this point. I’ve said it all on these pages. In various ways. Pretty relentlessly.

A tiny part of me still thinks ‘Really? The NHS? Behaving like a bunch of bullyboy thugs? Nah. Our beautiful dude died. He was young, fit and had his adult life ahead of him… Such a terrible, terrible preventable death would lead to care and concern, not cover up, delay, crap and deceit. Surely?’

A tiny part the size of a pin head now.

Tonight, we’ll be thinking about LB. In all his legendary awesomeness. And the comfort he felt in doing things his own way. Before he grew older and stuck his toe in a new and empty world of ‘adult services’. Where one size fits all and he wasn’t allowed to be.

Like so many young people like him.

old pics (8)

I bloody love and miss you. xxxxxxxx

13 thoughts on “The Pre-Inquest Review

  1. thinking of you, I hope your familiarity with the building helps your body/mind get its bearings at least when you arrive, a terrible ordeal but progress now xx

  2. Sara you have been a force to be reckoned with I am so sorry oyu had to take this sad lonely journey that was so unnecessary and you lost LB the way you did .Let this be the REAL start of Justice for LB thoughts and prayers go out to you all .What a great family you are .This photo is so lovely xxx

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