The week that was

Seems wrong to end this last week with a rant (see previous post) so will do a quick summary of what was, considering all things, a pretty fab week. Monday was LB’s 20th birthday. Hoping that life won’t become a series of ticking off his birth day in a desperately desperate way, we managed to pull it out of the bag accidentally. The kids (and Jack, Rosie’s bf) all pitched up for a nosh up on Sunday. I probably bored them shitless with my teary ‘if there’s any day in a year that it would be bloody cool to see you all it’s LB’s birthday’ ramblings. We also got to hang out with the cutest little kids on the block in the afternoon.

On LB’s birthday, Rosie, Owen and I went to see the remaining poppies at the Tower of London.


You can’t really call things like what to do on your dead child’s birthday (sorry). It’s so unknown and beyond distressing but, like last year, this was a cracking choice.

LB loved the Tower of London. It was the scene of one of his most memorable birthday outings and the poppies were gravely moving and powerful. A strangely comforting setting.

We had a good time. The sun came out. And it was lovely to see Rosie and Owen bantering about. We recreated the iconic photo from that day. Then piled into the gift shop to buy bus stuff. We got Rich a bus tie to wear to the inquest (a grower, hopefully) and a brilliant London bus decoration (to be unveiled during the #justiceforLB advent calendar).


On Wednesday morning we had a meeting with Norman Lamb about the #LBBill. It was a 9am kick off which we stupidly spiced up with some rush hour risks.

But we all got there on time and Norman Lamb (or Lamp as the Aspland kids called him this evening) was a delight. Committed and trying to find a way through the seemingly concrete barriers to change.

Friday, another trip to London for more #LBBill chat with Disabled People’s Organisations. We kind of expected, and were prepared for, some challenge about our motivations and actions. As it was, we were just a bunch of people, all wanting similar things, discussing what these things were and how to make them happen. Supported by crowdsourced drops of brilliance.


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