Always about to… a very Sloven condition

Heard on the grapevine the big old CQC inspection of Sloven will be published tomorrow. Probably good timing to have a little whizzle through some CQC inspections of Oxfordshire based Sloven provision conducted since LB’s death. Particularly given we’re a year on from publication of the Verita investigation into LB’s death.

STATT/JOHN SHARICH HOUSE [November 2013]: No therapeutic interaction, illegal deprivation of liberty, privacy, modesty and dignity of patients not respected, impoverished environment, family and friends not involved, inappropriate risk assessment, lack of training, no understanding of neglect or institutional abuse, mismanagement of medication, out of date oxygen, no battery in the defibrillator, out of date oxygen, unsafe buildings, ligature risks, faeces on chair, inadequate quality monitoring, inaccurate record keeping, poor engagement between management and staff.
Sloven response [Katrina Percy] The team are reviewing internal processes and providing “the leadership and knowledge required to ensure best practice is shared.” 

PIGGY LANE [March 2014]: Lack of staff (a “problem with the Sloven recruitment practice”), lack of appropriate assessment, care, treatment and support, poor engagement between management and staff, delay in getting necessary equipment, lack of records about safeguarding incidents, inaccurate medical records, out of date medication, poor management. “It is so unsafe here at times, you have no idea“.
Sloven response [Phil Aubrey-Harris]:  We have reviewed the levels of quality and immediately put in place an action plan to address all of the issues raised. After subsequent re-failure in June 2014 Sloven unattributed response: a “robust action plan” has been put in place to ensure it was compliant in all areas.

EVENLODE [April 2014]: near miss incident in seclusion, ligature risks, poor engagement between management and staff, a culture of “listen but do nothing constructive”.
Sloven response [Lesley Munro] welcomed the report and took the findings “very seriously”. Necessary building works to ensure the unit is fully compliant were “due to be completed imminently”. 

HOUSE 2, SLADE HOUSE [Jan 2015]: No registered manager, not enough staff, lack of leadership and poor engagement between management and staff.
Sloven response [spokesperson]: The CQC report acknowledges that appropriate actions have been taken in response to their concerns, in most cases, on the day of the visit, that was over 4 months ago. 

Wow. A seedy, foul little whizzle. I almost apologise for dragging you back through it. Still. Big statements from Sloven big guns about stuff about to happen or be put in place.

19 thoughts on “Always about to… a very Sloven condition

  1. Wow, I wasn’t allowed a missing bath plug.

    Or an autistic daughter going naked to her bath, or a cat that weed on the chair, and a mattress that was not spilling springs was turned over insight immediately, replaced by a new bed, but checked 3 months later..

    It is just targeting families and any autistic cash cow, to dump in any institution/ independent living, to make 4,500, it could only happen in this despicable country.

  2. Sara I just despair. Total and utter despair I’ve read your blog twice and although I knew this was going on I cant get my mind round the corruption and cynicism and immorality.

  3. I think it is important to add, that all of the above poor “sloven findings” from the CQC have in my experience been no different in their “home support” service, but add to that mismanagement of money. For over a decade I have had to painfully witness so much of the above. Did I complain…. of course I did on numerous occasions as any parent of a vulnerable person on the receiving end of bad support would. But when the very people you are complaining to are the same people who are part of the problem ( they kind of police themselves ) then it inevitably falls on deaf ears. There are no CQC inspections of domiciliary care, believe me I’ve checked. What’s more I am pretty sure my experience is not an isolated case, why would it be – you only have to read the above findings to get the idea. Oh and no, I cant just move my son as he has no capacity to make that decision. It is a long expensive legal process, which I should add the CoP decided he should stay put and sloven care must improve……….?!

    • Leo….. I am screaming for you and Steven, can’t bear it.

      Report all this to Joanna Moncrieff at UCL she has a big campaign books etc, They are not licenced for long term use.

      Chillingly the social workers mention Issy has been on them so OK again.. when she was 10 for 6 months and an illegal trails.

      James Rawnsley only 3 weeks ago died in an ATU in Sheffield they would send her to.

      The Times doctors were out about them its just making even more money out of the autistic.

      Can we not have a petition to stop force feeding THIS DESPARATE STUFF illegally and for no reason..

      This is much worse than being in chains as more dangerous, and creates more suffering.
      We know from reports of normal people in studies of how they feel on such drugs, but they are not autistic, the autistic are more sensitive as we know..

      Look at poor James Rawnsley.

      Leo, it must be unbearable to watch I thought you’d got hoim off them all and hoped we had a little light.

      Thinking of him and you, and the scandal and profit ,from really dreadful abuse.

      I feel really depressed and angry now.

      • Hi finiola thank you hun. Good to hear from you hun. No nothing been changed. He seams a bit happier but meds still very much the same I am meeting Norman lamb next week. Let’s see what he has to say. Yes Thomas Rawsley poor poor Paula another mother suffering another loss.
        It’s horrible. It’s horrible to see what’s going on and the money making machines this people are at the cost of our autistic kids. I hope things change
        Fin email me. Let’s talk about the petition idea. Xxx

        • Bet you would give anything, to just have him all to yourself, and get their money grabbing paws off him, and leave you all in peace.

          It is the NAS that has really let us down.

          They can np longer prescribe respitridone in old age care homes, its been black boxed, as it strains the heart, this only happened because charities raised such a stink.

          Email me on as I don’t have your email.

          With the docs in Times CALLING FOR END, time to stop its long term use in autistics, as not t licensed for that, anti psys .only licenced short term ,for extreme behaviour ,or if you are psychotic/

          Autistics can be said to have anything they want, as they are a mystery, and they don’t want to help them as it won’t make money…s

  4. Sara After Martin was in the Ridgway Trust unit (before sold to Sloven) he was referred to Ludlow Street Healthcare Cardiff, who are part of the cabal. How many of the readers ofyour blog have knowledge of this firm? Have you any idea

  5. Wow. Wow it’s all I can say. Well not really. What a lot of crap. All of that comes to prove that this care placements only care about one thing and one thing only. It’s money. It’s a business. Nothing ELSE. The care is not there it’s not important. How very sad indeed. Sad they they only have excuses. They should be named and shamed. Sigh. You keep fighting Sarah. Bless you. Xx

    • Leo
      you say that the care is not there. Thats utter S#$t excuse the language! The company might not care but my God the staff do. I work really long shifts and come in on my days off to make the guys i support feel secure and safe. So please DONT presume no one cares in the unit mentioned above that i work in.
      Bad mouth SH not the staff

      • Well if you care that much then you Would not hide your name, my thing is if you are unhappy with your job, and you know the company and some carers don’t give a shit about the autistic young people in your care then be that big person and blow the whistle on them, don’t let them treat our children like shit, don’t let them kill our children through f……g laziness. Do something about it if you care… you are saying all that, but you are not in my shoes Sarah’s shoes or finolas or any of the mothers above, be in our shoes have a son or a daughter in this ugly horrendous places then talk, have your say, until then you have no rights to be all indignated. Sorry but truth hurts… We know the suffering our kids suffer under this carers hands. So put up with it do something about it or shut the fuck up.

    • Leo
      you are so disgusting you make me feel sick
      I did “blow the whistle” as you put it and now have to travel 3hrs a day to get to work at the cost of my family. So do me a favour and YOU shut the fuck up!

  6. One more thing. My son was two years at St andrews hospital in Northampton what a horrible place it was. I had a campaign on. I won by God. But not totally he still was sent last month to another hospital. My sons care at St andrews was disgusting. He was in a ward for the mentaly ill 24/7 locked up and on 6 antipsychotic drugs. He lost his motor skills lost his speech lost his laughter we like you used to call him smiley boy

  7. Sorry I pressed wrong button. Anyway he was no longer a smiley boy. When he arrived there it took them 3 mothers to give him a bath. He begged me to wash him he was a very clean not. Loved shower in morning. Bath in the evening. My beautiful autistic son suddendeny became a different child he no longer was the happy boy who loved jokes and give people funny names. He was no longer there. My son became so drugged up he could not open his mouth. He lost 2stone in weight he could not walk could not move his hands. He shaked like a person who was hevely on heroin and had cold turkey. Now he is in a different hospital he seams happier. But he is still fed 4;500 thousands of antipsychotic drugs. Two of each are for people with epilepsya Stephen does not have epilepsya. No one is listening to me. I fear for my sons life.

    • My reply Leo IS ABOVE aas you did I pressed the wrong button and what are the charities paid millions over the years to protect Issy and Stephen and Thomas intersts doing to say nothing of the government.

      bbbbbest wishes, xxxxxx Finola

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  9. The system does not allow people to care.

    That is why ‘professionalism’ was created, so they could use this term, as a threat, to any social worker, nurse, carer ,who became, what they deemed ‘too close’, or worried. about the cared for.

    They are removed or even sacked under strict all powerful codes of conduct

    Generally, there is not, and the system deliberately does not allow individual;ism.

    ALL is now merely a service of itinerant, managed professionals, experts and care staff, they are just titles, roles and designation all prescribed ,and all frightened themselves, and bullied, if they do not follow to the letter, or they raise their voice to take on abuse and cruelty.

    In fact,he more they follow the systems abuse and cover up the better their job and career prospects. .

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