Blistering billy bullshite

The CQC Sloven inspection findings published today are something that demand careful reading. Remaining mindful of the amount of behind the scenes preparation and coaching that goes on for these inspections.

Brief headline: overall finding requires improvement.

We heard of many new initiatives and the trust was continually looking for ways to improve. However it was clear that time was needed to fully realise the scale and complexity of the changes and embed these across the trust.

Mmm. The bar clearly set so blinking low from the off. Businesses can have teething problems expanding, take-overs and the like. Mistakes can happen. For trusts those mistakes have high stakes. Like LB’s life. [He died?]

Growing so big, so fast and spreading yourself so thin across a wide geographical area inevitably ain’t going to work well. As the report today illustrates.

And a startling number of issues identified in previous CQC inspections in Oxfordshire that still occur. The stench ridden “Always about to…” model very much alive and kicking still in Sloven Towers. ‘Point a CQC inspector at us to show us the right route and we’re on it‘ jibberjabber spewing like vomit from a carsick toddler.

Only they ain’t.

Todays batch of failings:

Not enough staff, delays in the supply of equipment, mismanagement of medicines, buildings unfit for purpose, ligature risks, inappropriate seclusion and restraint practices, lack of crisis services and an unanswered crisis line, lack of available local beds, lack of examination of patients by doctors on admission, long assessment waits, uncertainty and low morale among staff, inaccessible records.

There’s some positive stuff I’m not going to record here. The positive stuff is people doing their jobs properly. Good. But not remarkable. The above list, combined with previous CQC inspection findings should lead to action. Not nonsense ‘learning fluff’ spouted by Sloven execs but real action. This bunch of muppets clearly should not be running an empire of crappy healthcare provision across four or five counties.

I worked at home today. Unexpectedly. And the phone didn’t stop ringing. Various people asking for thoughts about the report. There have been some cracking responses (in addition to the now legendary local news coverage). Andy McNicoll at Community Care and Chris Hatton’s contributions are stand out moments.

But hey, what about the Slovens? How have they responded to a grandly piss poor review of their services? Particularly  given their obsession with awards and all things shiny?

In a typical Sloven way.


6 thoughts on “Blistering billy bullshite

  1. And while they have meetings about making improvements, and reassure each other that lessons are being learned people suffer on a daily basis. It is absolutely dismaying and outrageous that they have the NERVE to put a positive spin on this. Duty of candour? Fat chance.

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  3. This week David Cameron announced that LA’s leaders etc who hide or ignore abuse of vulnerable children, ‘may’ in future face prison terms of up to 5 years.
    Yesterday came the exposure of the most recent Oxford child abuse scandal. A scandal that apparently went unheard and unseen by the LA for years. Yesterday other families described their years of obstruction by their NHS Trust who now reluctantly admits that a mother and 11 newborn babys died ‘preventable deaths’. Another exhausted mother and father went on television this week and heartrendingly described their long NHS obstructed battle to expose the now admitted, preventable death of their baby daughter.

    A common factor in all the cases above has been that these parents, family or brave professionals have been doggedly determined to achieve justice whatever the personal cost. Some managed to find a champion to take some of the strain. Most fought on alone – disrespected and obstructed. Every battle mirrors Sara’s for Connor. The personal cost is huge. Mr Cameron’s outrage (and pretty unimpressive (to me) breast beating by LA and NHs this week) may be a ‘wee’ bit reluctant/late/recent.
    But the isolated and ignored are nowcoming together into the light, VISIBLE and AUDIBLE. Hang in there Sara. You/we are no longer alone.

    • I think I heard genuine remorse from the Trust for the truly appalling standards of care these poor parents and little ones received. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the parent who persisted in seeking justice for six torturous years in honor of his child.

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