Stinky Pete, Chunky Stan and bunches of greenery

Worlds are colliding as Chunky Stan has developed mouth/breath/forehead smells that, close up, are kind of revolting but which I find oddly comforting. A strange mix of delicious and foul. I wonder if you’re tossed into a space of grief, preventable death, no accountability and regular demonstrations of beyond shite actions by public bodies you grew up relying on/taking for granted, your sense of smell is compromised. Making Stan’s smell strangely fragrant.

Years ago, on a random, overland truck trip organised through a Time Out ad, detailed in early, carefree [sob] pages of this blog, I went to a tannery in Morocco. The smell was seriously rank. A group of US tourists there at the same time had their faces permanently stuffed into handfuls of greenery. Creating a mint balaclava type effect.

It seems like many people/organisations involved/implicated in what happened to LB (Nico Reed, Stephanie Bincliffe, Lisa, Thomas Rawnsley and countless others…) continue to stuff bunches of greenery in their faces. Trying to erase/avoid/ignore/dilute the stench that rises from everything we’re shining a spotlight on.

At the same time, many people/organisations are smelling the smells with us. With collective joyousness and celebration. This is bloody brilliant.

walks of life

justice quiltI don’t know how we’ll negotiate the stench of what’s happened and what lies ahead. During #107days (Year 2) we’re anticipating the outcome of various investigations. I’m not optimistic to be honest. Optimistic for what? LB died a preventable death. We all know that.  A report clearly stating this was published over a year ago. Nothing has happened in response.

I suppose I’ll keep hugging Stan, embrace his smelly smells and hope that those involved/implicated chuck their (pointless) mint bouquets in the nearest bin and do the right thing.


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