Fieldwork, ferries and feedback


Today involved five trains, two buses, two ferries and two taxis to get to the Isle of Wight and back for fieldwork. Pretty epic and a little bit unplanned (in terms of timings). But other than one wrong train, one wrong platform, a left tripod and couple of necessary sprints, it went like clockwork. We met some fab people. Learnt a chunk of stuff. And somehow were back in Oxford before 6pm.

Meanwhile, Verita were holding their ‘stakeholder’ event to feedback emerging findings from their broader review into LB’s death. In Oxford. The obvious suspects present (or their emissaries) plus some families.

Let’s just say that trundling along a pier, in almost sunshine, on an old London Underground train, was probably a good place to be in the circumstances. One that LB would have loved.


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