Thunderbirds, the scullery, care plan and the candlestick

Justicequilt-201Third pre-inquest review meeting yesterday. Pretty buoyed by the wondrousness of the Sparrowhawk Art/LiveatLICA event on Monday – captured in its deliciousness in a Guardian online gallery – we headed to County Hall. To be confronted by this screen in the foyer. The colourful and textured fabric of LB’s life reduced to an outdated, clunky and unnecessary statement. ‘The Late’… [Howl].

It really is a number sitting on a bench in a county courtroom. Listening while details relating to your child’s death are thrashed out in front of a Coroner. Sloven and their legal team sitting to the right. Family and journalists sitting behind. Given it’s supposed to be an inquisitorial process, Sloven attendees had a couple of chewy exchanges with their legal team. But we all know it ain’t really inquisitorial. That’s just fakery. A pretence signed up to by many.

The twists and turns of these pre-inquest meetings have been pretty extraordinary. Sloven have (so far) argued drowning is a natural cause of death, argued against a jury, argued that the reviews into LB’s death meant an Article 2 inquest wasn’t necessary and then, once the Coroner ruled that it would be an Article 2 inquest, tried to get the inquest moved to the High Court because the reviews made it very complex. They now seem to be circling in a new direction. One with a hint of clinician.

Like a kind of Cluedo on speed; there was no wrong doing… no body… no weapon…it was the dog… the cat … Miss Scarlett… Thunderbirds, the scullery, care plan and the candlestick.

We’ve just steered a straight path really. But then this isn’t a game to us.

5 thoughts on “Thunderbirds, the scullery, care plan and the candlestick

  1. Bastards and that notice made me go cold so how you must have felt I really don’t kniw. I’m surprised you can out one foot in front of the other some days. I won’t call you brave because that’s not the right word but driven fir his justice and no doubt in agony. They are bastards. Nothing else but fucking bastards.

  2. the gallery is beautiful, the first time I have seen the hummingbird , truly wonderful. You are steering a straight path, stay on it come what may.

  3. They are also making huge sums of money, whilst they play the game.

    ‘Unbiased’, inquisitorial enquiry, sprawls innumerable feeding frenzies of players.. .

    So, it certainly pays, to keep playing, for as long as possible.

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