Complainanting, crapness and death

Two years ago today I wrote this; The Unit. Day 63.

24 days earlier I made a complaint to Sloven/OCC. My main point about not being listened to and a lack of recognition about the seriousness of the situation was ignored.

complaintWhat exactly are we fighting about still? And why?


[An old friend, Bob, died on that same day, unexpectedly. This post is (hopefully appropriately) dedicated to him].

2 thoughts on “Complainanting, crapness and death

  1. Although in no way do I consider my current ongoing complaint with CEO Katrina P on the same level of seriousness as this, there are similarities. In my case I can prove for years that staff and management have consistently breached the MCA and a court order by not consulting with me on behalf of my son who has no capacity. It is also clear that they have on occasions misused his benefits to buy goods with that he would not himself use. There is now a defamation of my character by “sloven security” that I have used abusive behaviour repeatedly, which will be passed on to the police. ( which by the way is false and neither can they produce evidence it of course.) But can Mrs CEO answer any of these direct questions……no of course not. It does not matter how clearly or precisely you write down these complaints, issues whatever you want to call them, she just skirts round the answers without actually giving you AN HONEST ANSWER.

    I liken this to a boxing match where corporate CEO`s tactics are to make you dizzy by talking in riddles and dancing in circles around you, just repeating the same BS over and over, so they can bully us into a submission. Fight over for them and problem solved, and the legal team hold up the winners hands in triumph. It would seem that dirty fighting is something they do well.

  2. I honestly believe your fight with the Trust is over. Thank God you emailed and documented in your efforts to be listened to. The documents that will be seen will not be chock full of inaccuracies because you fought sentence by sentence. Justice and accountability for a preventable death is going to be the outcome. The fight was getting to this point. I read about your friend Bob, how deserving are you/your family of also being able to ” grieve properly “. What a discomforting place, I know ,in neither flight or fight mode. Let the legal team and all your support stand and you sit for a while.

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