Ground elder and the #LBBill

Justicequilt-281After years of saying I would, I’ve started doing some gardening again. This is after fab help from family and friends (thank you). The main bit of work left now is the ground elder that’s replaced grass over the past few years. I’ve got into a bit of a rhythm trying to get rid of this. Half an hour here and there. A load of worms and two frogs. And a blue plastic leg. Thunderbirds again I suspect.

Ground elder. Blimey. A beast and a half. The roots go on and on and on. Ending in the tiniest threads with remarkable strength. The more digging, the more there is. So blinking similar to our experiences with both Sloven and Oxfordshire County Council. A rhizomatic happening of roots (power, deceit, twists and turns); the surface giving little hint (to the uninformed observer) of the well established, relentlessly strong, thriving activity below.

I clear a patch apparently thoroughly, move to the next bit and pull on a random root that takes me back to the the cleared patch. Wow. How could I miss a foot long root in a tiny patch of earth?

This week I heard that there were rumblings among official type bods that there was too much focus on LB. That

‘… an awful lot of time is being spent reviewing what happened to one young man.’

There could never be too much focus on what happened to LB for me. Well not until we get some sniff of accountability maybe. And maybe not even then. But #JusticeforLB has never been just about LB. As our ‘made up’ manifesto made clear over a year ago now. I tossed out the ‘denial’ stage of useless grief models on day one. Dead is dead and there ain’t no changing it [howl].

The campaign has always been about trying to get broader change in (a ground elder riddled) health and social care structure and provision. About creatively and doggedly both making visible and trying to remove the deep rooted crap that flourishes in these spaces.

One way to do this is by asking MPs to support our Private Member’s Bill; Disabled People (Community Inclusion) Bill 2015 (‘#LBBill’). A fairly straightforward (though speedy) task of tweeting, emailing or writing to your MP in the next week or so to ask for support.


6 thoughts on “Ground elder and the #LBBill

  1. don’t fight the ground elder , see it as bishops weed and say to yourself that the flower is very fine indeed. Fight exclusion from community , that can’t be seen in a different light.

  2. Much less time would be spent on ‘one young man’, if only honesty and integrity were to be applied.

    At least ground elder is edible and has some use.

  3. I have emailed my MP. Can you spell it out again ( in my former life it was telephone and microfishe ! I am emerging blinking ) where is there a running total for coverage of those contacted ? I have lost/ found several pages covering the second draft.

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