A letter, a picture and OCC

I got a holding letter from the Director of Adult Social Services today. Yesterday, still raging about their ‘independent review’ I drew a picture. The letter says the usual blather and bullshit. We did nothing wrong guv and a blatant attempt to reframe the review as an integral part of the Verita investigation. It includes a cracking non-apology that must rank up there in the all time top ten:

I recognise you are upset about this and I am sorry that you are upset.


3 thoughts on “A letter, a picture and OCC

  1. WHAT A load OF shitpots they prove themselves to be! Apologise, but not really! Do they think you will not realise they not apologising for their actions? Beggars belief really. X

  2. So much for British Values, government watchdogs, LAs, and our public money.

    We, remember are paying their wages, and for their services, which they have a statutory duty to provide.

    They, are our servants…… Lets reinstate that.

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