OCCRAP, sometime and darkness

Found out today that the investigation into the actions of the unit staff member we referred to their disciplinary council in May 2014 is further delayed because new information* has emerged that will feed into this investigation. Wow. Every aspect of trying get accountability for what happened to LB has been delayed. Interminably.

The two forces of darkness, as I now see Sloven and OCC, are key delay players. Sloven explicitly, through non disclosure of documents, sitting on reports and generally being obstructive. OCC are slightly less obvious but do a cracking number in delay on the quiet. We now have to wait while their ‘independent’ consultant goes through the issues we raised about the ‘independent investigation’ they conducted into LB’s death without informing us. [For the ease of clarity here, I’ll call this report OCCRAP]. Apparently he’ll do this sometime next month.

[NB: In the delay game, there are no deadlines. Just vagueness. The only deadline so far is LB. And he had no say in that. Everyone (other than families) has  flexibility and resources to do what they want. Without remorse, reflection or hint of humanity].

The coroner sensibly said he wouldn’t read OCCRAP until it had been revised. Verita read it and are waiting to hear OCCs response to our response. Their report, (Verita (2) [sorry], has a delayed publication date which is now expected sometime in the next month or so. [Verita (2) officially started September 2014 for six months].

Our response to OCCRAP was, and remains; ‘Bin the fucker. Pile of toxic shite’. But this response is discounted. We have no power (underlined by the absence of challenge from those who could). So we were forced (bullied) into examining OCCRAP line by line and documenting inaccuracies. A process of phenomenal wastefulness, inefficiency and unspeakable distress.

We’re left wondering when did reputation (and vested interest) became the overriding consideration of ‘public’ bodies?

And how can so many in influential positions sleep so apparently contentedly through this? Justicequilt-207 *Thank you to the person/s who came forward with this information.

6 thoughts on “OCCRAP, sometime and darkness

  1. Breathtaking. Again. Next month? What’s wrong with now? How many other distraught and devastated families is he dealing with in the next few weeks? Ones who who have already played the waiting game for almost 2 years. A shred of humanity? Someone? Somewhere?

  2. As someone who has also had to play this waiting game by the same people.( and lets face it its just playing for time, especially when they know they are possibly about to be exposed publicly or otherwise) I can appreciate how exhausting, not to mention soul destroying it makes you feel. Really there should be a law which limits time wasting in situations like this. There should be a fine by the day/week/month increasing with each feeble excuse given. Not sure who/how it would be implemented, but it might make these large organisations think twice about time wasting perhaps.?

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