Critical questions


This afternoon, stuck on the Oxford Tube coming out of London, I was reading negative academic related stuff on my twitter timeline. Then my niece forwarded her undergraduate dissertation. She’s just completed a degree in linguistics at Leeds. For her dissertation she did a critical discourse analysis of four documents; Sloven’s public statement on the publication of the Verita report, their briefing document to Monitor, and letters from the CEO and Board Chair to us.


I still don’t fully understand what transitivity is but non-apologies are pretty straightforward. In a kind of a random shambles; human, mother, (proud) aunt, campaigner, academic, raging woman, Oxford Tube captive and probably other identities, I read this dissertation. Between Hillingdon and Lewknor.

I was struck, in particular, by three things. First, it’s an example of an undergraduate dissertation that’s robust, rigorous, relevant and political. I’m impressed by both Ally’s work/focus and the encouragement and support she was obviously given by Leeds.

Second, (and I won’t say much about the content right now) the conclusions are clear, carefully evidenced and show that Sloven (and probably other NHS Foundation Trusts/local authorities) don’t operate anything approaching a whiff of candour, openness and transparency.

Third, if an undergraduate student can produce a clear, critical and well evidenced piece of research demonstrating this, why is so much meaningless talk still being talked?

5 thoughts on “Critical questions

  1. Quite simple Sara, for the first time(maybe not- but we haven’t read to the contrary) Not only have they all been found out, but they have also been challenged. Lets face it NHS Trusts and LA`s are pretty much used to getting their own way, right or wrong – that’s why they have an in house legal team surely.??? But now all of a sudden, the usual tactics have failed. I genuinely get the impression that all of this delaying and pointless letter writing, or “investigating” if you want, is because they have got nothing else to fight back with.
    They have to be seen as “in control” as that’s all they really know sadly.

  2. does transitivity equate to not being landed with the hot potato? I haven’t a clue. Non apologies I have experienced a plenty. ” As a father of a daughter myself I can only begin to imagine what pain her bereavement must be causing “.” Regrettable ” non actions, no “significant ” concerns and ” no realistic prospect of establishing sufficiently impaired in practice “. Hot potato has left the building. I honestly thought you were getting to higher ground until I read your previous post , I am appalled you are on the receiving end of the standard muck shoveled. Well done Ally for getting in there amongst the stinking stuff .

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