Updating the update. Of the update.

We’re fast approaching the second anniversary (hate, hate, hate using this word for this) of LB’s death [Howl]. 16 months after an independent report was published stating LB’s death was preventable.

Here’s an update of the latest update (March 2015). As always (and clearly forever) in no particular order:

1. The inquest: A fourth pre-inquest review meeting is being held at 2pm, September 9th, Oxford County Hall. All welcome. It’s a very public affair. The full inquest is scheduled to start on October 5th. Sloven have “unreservedly apologised” for LB’s death (as the curious Tory template (repeatedly) reminds us) but this hasn’t stopped them pulling all sorts of tricks along the pre-inquest journey. Including a bit of desperate back pedalling from that unreserved apology to argue that drowning is a natural cause of death.

2. Disciplinary councils: We referred one clinician to the GMC in May 2014. This investigation continues, slowed by some additional stuff that has cropped up. Apparently Sloven disciplinary processes led to an undisclosed number of undisclosed staff members referred to the (undisclosed) NMC. Who knows?

3. Police: The investigation continues. Staff interviews are underway.

4. Health and Safety Executive: The investigation (apparently) continues in line with 3. above.

5. Oxfordshire County Council: We’ve received legal advice on the “independent” report OCC commissioned into LB’s death without our knowledge. It seems that it is defamatory so there is ongoing legal action relating to this. OCC are sticking to the ‘We did nothing wrong’ line. Chilling really. The consultant is apparently working through the list comments/issues I was forced to identify a few weeks ago to revise the original report. I still say chuck it in the nearest bin but what power do we have? [I’m dreading receiving another version given the methodological approach].

6. Verita 2: This second, broader investigation into what happened to LB remains ongoing.

Mazars death review: The review into deaths in Sloven learning disability and mental health provision since 2011 has been extended by NHS England to allow additional work to be done. Given the announcement this week of a national review into the premature deaths of learning disabled people, this extended work makes sense.

So. That’s it really. When we sadly started #107days again this year, we naively thought some of these investigations would be completed during this time. It’s now clear that this ain’t going to happen.

It’s all a pile of cock rot really.

I’ll leave you with this pic from a holiday we had in July 2010. When life still had colour, beauty and the extraordinary (in a good way).

old pics (2)

15 thoughts on “Updating the update. Of the update.

  1. Just wrote a long comment and erased it because words are so cheap (aren’t they SH?) and easy. What I really want to say after reading this post I will just send to you telepathically. Expect you just heard me…………… X

    • You are so right Rosie. So much has taken our breath away for so long. Unbelievable that we can still be saying ‘no words’. 2 years and no answers. A local murder case last year – detective work done, culprit found, trial, sentenced. How hard can it be for the bodies involved here to do what is necessary? Unbelievable that grieving relatives are denied closure and caused so much further pain and trauma. X

  2. Agree with the last 2 comments, but this just shows that if Sloven had been compliant in the beginning instead of fighting all the way to save their own credibility – this could have been ended long ago. I mean to even stand up and say that drowning is a “natural cause” speaks volumes to me, rather than call it negligence. If they had put as much energy into admitting rather than denying, then Sara and family may possibly get some peace.

  3. feel for you, my eldest daughter and I reduced three investigations to alphabet spaghetti today. I don’t know which of the five enormous bags is GMC twaddle or PHSO/NHS. Everything shredded so that it melts into the fire , no dates or words to leap out and grab the fire stocker by the throat. Twenty five months of pure heartache. We took care of every last piece of LA shite as well( holding onto the final DP4,I was challenged about missing equipment sixteen months after my daughter died,an error it transpires ) I am left with a death certificate for my daughter aged 28 when her life expectancy should have been six years off average despite her disability. Wishing you and yours peace soon.

    • I’m sorry Nic. This is a corrupt and barbaric system. We are simply powerless and no one who could, chooses to do anything to stop it. I hope you get some peace.xx

  4. Hi. I’ve just read about Connor in a column we’re publishing in next week’s Big Issue North (I’m the designer). Heartbreaking and enraging.

    Is it possible to have a photo of Connor for the column (it’s written by Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole and Dan Goodley and it’s a comment piece called “Why Don’t We Just… end the abuse of people with learning disabilities?”) Apologies for leaving this request as a post.

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  8. I can remember 20 years ago being appointed to a mental health care hospital as a non exec. I joined it at the time an inquest was being held on a long protracted case. The inquest took place and the chair came back and was completely devastated. She told me that the staff and managers had all lied to her about the family motives and that the family were dignified people looking for justice.msge was completely devastated and said she woukd never trust those liars again. It was all new to me but this feels very much that times just don’t change. My aunt was struck off the job she loved many years ago for blowing the whistle on cruelty. I saw all that happen as a young child. It motivated my life hugely. I gave seen and still see this insidious disgusting cover up mentality that I saw in that sickening place when at the first board meeting I ended up in tears of rage responding to another enquiry into cruelty on a ward for people with dementia. The evident cover up in the room was sickeningly normal. I’m happy to expose that hospital just ask me to name it and I will. I don’t suppose it would help because it’s not now but I wanted to say that this happened because I saw the result of it. Norfolk seemed a nice place to live.

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