Running out of titles

Wondering what we can do really. In a bit of a despondent way. The update I posted this week illustrates how public bodies can simply delay. With seemingly unlimited doses of delay powder. A sort of modern wday ‘smoking out’ policy. Earlier today I found out that Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) are delaying their response to my Freedom of Information request about their ‘investigation’ because a Public Interest Test is being carried out.

I don’t know what this means and the FOI dept at OCC were unable to enlighten me beyond the fact it will involve a delay of up to 20 working days. Another month potentially. It would be bloody brilliant if they could soup it up a bit and complete this test (test?) in days rather than weeks but given the weighty blanket of on going delay, I’m not going to anticipate anything. July 22 is the new date.

I don’t have a bar anymore. That was crushed somewhere along the way. When we realised that these public bodies can do whatever they want to devastated parents/families and no one will stop them. I now expect the worse and, so far, that has been spot on.

Another parent, Nic, whose child died a few months before LB posted this on my blog yesterday.


Nic regularly posted comments in support, in shared grief, rage and despair at the impossibility of trying to get accountability, justice or anything to make sense of the apparently casual and brutal chucking aside of much loved children’s lives. One of the first comments she made included the request ‘More photos please’.

So here’s another pic from that holiday in 2010. When we were walking a completely different path. And, on a more cheery note, the #JusticeforLB flag is returning to Glastonbury this year with the legendary Lawthom Goodley crew. Bloody good timing in the circumstances.

old pics (3)


6 thoughts on “Running out of titles

  1. Their main aim is to delay and delay , to wear you out and water down your support , making things so difficult that you start to settle for less.

  2. Sara
    Your courageous fight is not just about justice for Connor and so many others who have been forced through fatigue and despair to just ‘go away’; an unseen defeated grieving army of mums and dads of the abused and destroyed, that tails deep into the past

    It is also about the mums and dads of sons and daughters people who will to fall into a similar nightmare if we all just go away… This campaign WILL will crack open and destroy for ever this evil obstacle course designed by and to …..protect,…..powerful Public incompetents….

  3. Please don’t give up. I don’t know if there is a good ending for this but you’re doing an excellent job of showing Southern and these services for what they are, which is lying sacks of you-know-what.

  4. Sara a couple of contacts through the years of investigation were polite and helpful to me. All that is needed is for one person in OCC to step up and make it a days work to move things forward. I left no stone unturned for my daughter and have some peace in my heart from having done so, just keep going , whatever works for you. My daughter achieved independence in 2010 by way of an assured tenancy with a housing association , the LA procrastinated , the OT and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all. The gentleman from the HA spoke directly to my daughter and simply said ” lets make this happen , they are all getting on my wick “. Everyone at OCC go look in the mirror .

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