FOI disclosure day

L1015020-2FOI disclosure day. Though it wasn’t really. Lengthy explanation from OCC about how exemptions under Section 40 and Section 36 were upheld, leaving me with a batchlet of process emails around the secret review. Ho hum.

The review was commissioned in July 2014 “in preparation for the independent investigation currently being commissioned so we can be better informed and contribute effectively.” Ah. This completely contradicts the letter from OCC legal services a month or so ago in which they argue the review was an internal jobby to look at OCC processes not a further attempt to look at the events leading up to LB’s death; “The original purpose of the review was caught up in the wider investigation […] With the announcement of an independent review it seemed sensible that this internal review stand as the Council’s input into the Verita Independent review”.

Mmm. Tasty, tasty behaviour from a public body that exists to provide services for, er, us. Nothing like transparency and candour down County Hall way.

Fast forward to this March and there were a flurry of emails between 13-15 March distributing the internal review to Sloven, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS England and the executive of OCC. Verita already had a copy.

I was sent a copy on March 30th. Two weeks later. First thing Monday morning. Without warning.


All those [external] people read that shitty, damning ‘internal’ document before we even knew it existed… 



1 thought on “FOI disclosure day

  1. real sicky panic when you become aware of who was talking to who, bouncing information back and forth from the earliest days through to the closing investigations. Crushing to have sight of your loved one by way of their name and personal details in the shoddy documents they spew out. Greatest need now for legal minds/guidance and support every last inch of the way, and as ever you are left to endure as best you can.

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