Grated finger tips and sick sifting

L1015039Forced back to the cardboard boxes of records/letters/reports stacked up in what was going to be LB’s bedroom this evening. I have to provide evidence to support my witness statement for a disciplinary council investigation. I gave the statement on Monday. Another annual leave day spent doing stuff so awful I’d rather grate my finger tips, sprinkle them with a mix of lemon juice and chilli, and sift through a vat of day old vomit separating out the chunks. But hey ho.

The road to accountability is a completely unnecessary and inhumane process when public bodies are involved.

The interview was thorough and searching. Deeply, deeply saddening and distressing. Re-living the horror of what happened [he died…???] but also reflecting on how the whole happening was simply a disaster waiting to happen. So many big and small craphole pieces in place.

Tonight the evidence. Grated finger tips and sick sifting again appealed but ain’t an option. Sadly. If we want any accountability for what happened, the catastrophic unfolding of something that turned out to be so bleedingly obvious has to be revisited. And then revisited. In heartbreaking and harrowing detail that will, eventually, become public.

I’m halfway through the task. After the way in which OCC responded to the ‘factual inaccuracies’ I raised [she said but we don’t believe her because it ain’t in our records…] I’ve developed a new system which involves screen grabbing relevant sections as well as referencing them. Creating a form of collage artwork. A word document of colour, shape and heartbreaking content. My word is clearly meaningless without ‘real time’ evidence. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust* and OCC can record whatever they like, or choose not too, and it counts as ‘fact’. We have to show original workings where they exist. Deeply unfair and discriminatory but being discredited and discounted is now a familiar experience.

At least I can record this toxic process. With space here and on other online platforms, and the writing tools to make it visible. The attempts to discredit we’ve experienced so far are pretty shocking but LB and thousands of dudes like him are simply disregarded. No space, no platform, any tools to communicate ignored/crushed… lives extinguished or ruined through neglect, disregard and worse. Discounted in life and death. A sustained form of blatantly ignored eugenics. Acted out in full view.

Vat of vomit anyone?

*I’m reluctantly ditching ‘Sloven’ on this blog because they are so fucking focused on their reputation proper name checking is probably sensible.  Sigh. I had no idea this would be so blinking hard.



2 thoughts on “Grated finger tips and sick sifting

  1. The road to accountability is whatever they want it to be if they are unaccountable.

    Legally it is an open and shut case and would be if you sued in common law negligence.
    They owed Connor a duty of care, they were in breach of that duty, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor- the thing follows from itself ie people do not drown in baths naturally, ie in the absence of negligence, therefore it would be presumed, and they would have to adduce evidence to rebut this presumption, ie they were not negligent, which they could not.

    And the damage resulting upon his death is foreseeable.

    In addition they have a similar statutory duty to Connor.
    Also, contractually they are in in breach for their contract of services to the LA commissioning authority.

    If it were in USA, all health is through insurance, and the insurance companies would be fighting it out, here we are completely at the mercy of the state.


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