(*long lost) Lawrence and looking for Dappy

I wrote about LB’s 18th birthday here. A day trip to London and a wish that Tulisa was his sister. Other birthday outings are dotted around this blog. Most involve London. Giving evidence (howl) during the inquest I talked about how we drove round Camden in June 2013 looking for Dappy. We didn’t find him.

Out of the hundreds of pages of damning/harrowing reports, records and staff interviews I read in the two years before the inquest, the odd thing made me smile. One was this family tree produced when LB was in the unit. I think a psychologist did it with him. LB, love him, disrupted the framework by telling her his family included Lawrence, Anne, Dappy and Tulisa. Anne was a mystery until a quick google tonight revealed Tulisa’s mum is called Ann. (Long lost) Lawrence remains a mystery.

family tree

It’s LB’s 21st birthday on November 17th. [Howl]. I don’t know what we’ll do. I sort of hope the Mazars death review is published that day. A review, generated by LB’s death, that will (surely) change the landscape of learning disability provision in the UK. A review that will mark a point in which chat about change is no longer acceptable.

The review examines deaths in Sloven’s learning disability and mental health ‘care’ between 2011-2015. The post Winterbourne View period. A period in which there has been so much talk about learning disability provision and no action. Huge amounts of dosh given to endeavours like the Winterbourne Joint Improvement Programme (since disappeared), Bubb’s breakfasts and the like. All the while actual people were being disappeared. In full view down Hampshire and Oxfordshire way*.

The publication date for the Mazars review seems to be ‘at some as yet undisclosed time in the future when a set of currently missing hoops have been found and gone through with a set of as yet unidentified really important people who may have run out of the necessary ink in their fountain pens to sign off publication. Ink which can only be produced from a rare vegetable that only grows once a year on a remote island off the island of Java.’

Not surprising really. The review implicates all the key players. Sloven, commissioners, NHS England, Monitor, the CQC and the Department of Health. The commissioning of a review into the methodology used in this (independent) review raises so many questions about what ‘independence’ in this context means my brain just freezes. The story seems to be that Sloven challenges to the methodology must be sorted pre-publication so as not to muddy the water. Eh? The findings are so controversial we need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s big time?  Producing a level of robust engagement not necessarily present in other independent reviews? Mmm.. that’s pretty awkward.

I’m kind of lost here for so many reasons. Not least the Verita 2 report that has findings and then a brief conclusion so off beam I was left wondering what magic dust had been sprinkled over these proceedings to allow such speedy publication (after a lamentably long and delayed production process). If the current examination of the Mazars methodology finds nothing untoward, will some other review into their processes be commissioned? Like did the investigatory team have the recommended five a day during the process? Or were any of the half arsed records they examined not treated with the necessary respect a piece of paper deserves?

We seem to be in a space of absurdity. Generated by a review that found the unthinkable.

*And elsewhere quite possibly…

2 thoughts on “(*long lost) Lawrence and looking for Dappy

  1. I often wonder Sara if anyone employed in all the organizations you listed have ever actually imagined what it must be like to be a person with a learning disability? Would any of them like to be on the receiving end of their ‘professional care’ or should I say lack of it.

    Personally I try to imagine what it must be like to be ignored when there are lots of people in the room chatting away and leaving me out. I try to imagine what it is like not to be able to express my wishes so that everyone understands me. In truth it must be really scary to be on the edge of society like this. I do know I would be bloody pissed off and I would try my damnest to let them know it . How? By screaming and shouting. That is, after all, the only way they know that I really exist. The thing is, instead of my ‘challenging behaviour’ encouraging them to recognise my needs they just cue the medication. Shame that life for someone with LD should be lived like this.

    I wonder too if the management of the same organizations could hack being called a ‘toxic mother’, when in reality the toxicity is coming from them. It is awful really when parents and families who find themselves looking after a person with a learning disability have to be subjected to such unjustified criticism. Would they take the accusation lying down? I do not think so. Especially as they have already used so much energy and public money trying to convince us of their innocence in the Coroners court.

    The truth is Sara, and you all should be proud of yourselves for this, you and Rich and your followers have opened up an ugly bag of worms and no amount of wriggling is ever going to get them off the hooks. How can anyone believe in their sincerity now?

  2. Hi, If its any consolation I too have been referred to as a toxic mother. Oh, if only I could share what is happening. How far care providers will go to discredit us Mothers who dare to speak up.
    I have been silenced, yet I fear not. Sarah you have given me the courage to continue in seeking justice based on bad practice and intimidation.

    The hardest part is that I stand alone. Yet I feel connected to all parents who have had to struggle this quagmire.

    Sarah, I was wondering if you know of any Mothers who have been arrested and charged on false allegations made by carers supported by their employers. (care providers). You see the more they are guilty the harder they come down on us. How tiring this has all become.
    If so can you connect them with me.


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