Drafting stuff and Mansfield College magic

I’ve numerous draft posts that remain tucked away in the admin pages of this blog. These draft posts are largely those that led nowhere. Started too late in the evening, lacking meaning/welly/point/direction or those that were superseded in a good (or occasionally bad) way by some other development or unfolding.

I became interested in these draft posts during LB’s inquest when the blog became a source of contemporaneous (existing back in the day) evidence. It’s over two years since LB died [howl] and there is so much I’d forgotten. (Draft) blog posts record stuff. Written, saved, revised and date stamped.

On Sunday evening I started to write about the Sloven witness coaching apparent during LB’s inquest. It was pretty upsetting to read the witness statements of the (few) staff still represented by Sloven in advance of the inquest. The ‘Dick Dastardly tale of the incredibly difficult Dr Ryan‘ was pretty hard to make sense of (and hadn’t been apparent in the earlier Verita 1 staff interview statements).

While writing I received the draft of a new #JusticeforLB related development in artistry/wondrousness. Something so powerful and moving I immediately parked the staff coaching post. And cried. In a good way.

Yesterday I belatedly chased up the #JusticeforLB quilt. Displayed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) in September, Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC, had agreed to display the quilt at Mansfield college during LB’s inquest. Among the horror, maelstrom, chaos and everything else the quilt ball was dropped (by me). It turns out that YSP and Mansfield College were more than able to step up. The quilt was already on display in Mansfield College. Wow.


I called in on the way back from work this evening to have a look. The cheerful porter’s instructions:

“You follow the path round to the tower on the right hand side of the grass. Wait at the wooden doors, they open automatically. Turn left, walk down the corridor and there is it. It’s lovely.”


It is. And it’s possible to have a really good look at the different patches. It seems there is always something new to see. The college is open to the public, free of charge, Mon-Fri, 9-5pm. It’s wheelchair accessible and the porter in the lodge on the left as you come in from Mansfield Road will point you in the right direction. On display for the next week or so. Just wow.


With many thanks to Mansfield College for giving local people the opportunity to see the quilt.

2 thoughts on “Drafting stuff and Mansfield College magic

  1. your photographs are beautiful, a real sense of peace and purpose in an exceptional venue. I hope the suitably perfect weather draws people in. Drew parallels for me with the news item on the photographs taken from space by the astronaut singing major tom , name forgotten, the patchwork of pastures begun by who knows who that left an indelible mark.

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