Bumping into Phil on the way home

“Hey Sara!”

“Hi Phil. How you doing?”

“Quite good really. I took a case against the DWP and I won.  I was so short of money it was pretty disastrous for a while. But I won. And they even backdated it.”

“Ah. Good for you. That must be a relief.”

“Yeah. How are you all? I hope the ‘victory’ of LB’s inquest is keeping you all.. erm, buoyed in some ways.”

“Mmm. Not great really. We’re waiting for the publication of a report NHS England are sitting on. Giving Sloven wriggle room as usual about their craphole provision.”

“Oh. That’s not good.”

“Nope. Typical establishment bastards. Anyway good to see you and good to hear your news.”

“Yes…. Sara.”


“We will win one day. We just don’t know when that day will be.”

1 thought on “Bumping into Phil on the way home

  1. Is it possible the publication is delayed due to the findings that fulsome immediate action is demanded ? if I understand correctly M1 is stand alone, truly independent. Sincerely hope you are alerted to imminent publication in the very near future, it must surely result in fundamental change.

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