Berry berry serious and another board failing

A minor Mazars related scandal emerged last night on twitter. Most of the doubters and deniers of the Mazars review have faded away in the light of the clear evidence the review outlines. The belieSHers have disappeared. Hard to really keep believing in a Trust with such serious failings at board level. Sigh.

Turns out an apparently random denier was still spluttering about the rubbishness of the review in a convo involving Alexa Wilson, Gallus Effie and Mark Neary last night. Super sharp sleuth Alexa worked out this laddy was the son of a Sloven Board Member, Malcolm Berryman. Adding in a good dose of comedy. (One of the reasons why I love twitter).

berryman 4

I was reminded of the story of LB on the bus with my dad… Berry Berry serious indeedy. This morning I tweeted about the connection and got the following response:

berryman 3


After a few more tweets, he said sorry (a bigger surprise than the original tweet) but kept up a bit of anti Mazars banter. Of course twitter allows no stone unturned and it soon emerged that baby Bezza had been challenging the content of the review before it was in the public domain. Ouch. Once that detail started to spread, he locked his account so his tweets were no longer public. When Rupert Evelyn, from ITN, joined in, the account was deleted.

berryman 5

Looks like the Sloven surveillance team put in an urgent call to Papa Berryman alerting him to his son’s actions.

Joking aside, this tale captures so much of the problems we’ve seen over and over again with the Sloven muppets:

Poor governance, poor communication, poor judgement and consistent social media failure. Arrogance, contempt for families (other than their own), rudeness and an inability to understand, at any level, what is actually important here. [Howl].

Board members’ children or other relatives should not be given sight of confidential draft reports and discuss the content on social media. [A small part of my brain is thudding as I type this… I almost, still, cannot believe the crap I continually recount on these pages.]

The board, and Katrina Percy, need to go. Jeremy Hunt needs to put his money where his mouth is and sort this shambles out. People’s lives are at stake.

19 thoughts on “Berry berry serious and another board failing

  1. Having previously worked at sloven, and following some senior staff on Twitter I’m not surprised at quick lock down and deletion of account.
    In August 2013 I received a call from my manager telling me to think carefully about what I was tweeting as I had been sharing tweets about LB etc. Even suggested I open two accounts to keep southern health stuff separate from my personal tweets!
    Such a shame that they couldn’t put this scrutiny in to important things like looking after patients with their families decades of experience, rather than focus on the magical autonomy a person has when they turn 18.
    How many board members would chuck their 18 year olds out in to the world without loads of support? Even the government use parental income to work out housing benefit and student living loans until well into twenties.
    I am glad that the LB supporters have not trolled staff and their families, which could have happened as so much information about staff and families is in the public domain.

  2. You son died. In a “health care facility” (or should that be death camp?) where his relative is on the board and your the #fuckingpest for tweeting about it? Really? Is this person for real? I mean he’s clearly had an empathy bypass, but is he an actual human? How can somebody be so unfeeling? He probably tells kids Santa doesn’t exist and laughs at the end of Marley and Me.

    Sorry you still have to deal with this Sara. I am so sorry for your loss. And I am so angry that Berryman’s bile-filled boy feels it’s appropriate to troll you on Twitter. He should go boil his head. I would say hang his head in shame, but he clearly has no shame. The sackless piece of shit. Oh and I completely understand if you don;t approve this.

    Love and hugs


  3. Good Lord he tweeted what ? the thing is Mr Hunt is on the case and no one is resigning and it’s so close to Christmas, personally not hearing much about a bunch of people having died unexpectedly and there being a pattern of routinely not investigating the deaths within the Southern Health NHS Trust. The sprouts were virtually on. Any more not so secret santa offerings ?

  4. If he was tweeting about the contents of the report before it was made public then there is a huge data protection issue – possibly criminal. Daddy should not be leaving stuff laying around where the ankle biter can see it – nor should he be discussing it at home. You would, of course, not be surprised to learn that this shit happens all the time – we’ve had numerous occasions where friends and family of so called professionals have had knowledge of confidential information and spouted it in public. But now I must say God Bless Phyllis – retired (and sadly recently deceased) professional who used to seek me out, even in retirement, to warn me about the latest tit bit of info that had come her way – though how she was kept in the loop after retirement is another question – fortunately it worked in our favour! 😉

    • A member of the Criminal Investigations Team at the Information Commissioner’s office informs me this is not a criminal offence under the Data Protection Act 1998. It is a breach of the 7th Principle of the Act, which related to data security. Here is an extract:

      “The measures must ensure a level of security appropriate to—
      (a) the harm that might result from such unauthorised or unlawful processing or
      accidental loss, destruction or damage as are mentioned in the seventh principle,
      (b) the nature of the data to be protected.
      “The data controller must take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any employees of his who have access to the personal data.”

      However, trolling could be a criminal offence. Also, in my opinion (as a non-lawyer), a serious breach of the 7th Principle could constitute Misconduct in Public Office – a charge sometimes used when penalties under another Act do not reflect the seriousness of the incident. Both are matter’s for the police.

  5. Sloven employs 15 spin doctors, responsible (amongst other things) for protecting its reputation. What’s that in salary and related costs – £500,000 plus per annum? And evidently none of them has a clue about Crisis Management – or the Board is not listening. The Board should be more concerned about crisis management than surveillance, which in certain circumstances, is illegal.

    For further comment on these two subjects, see –

    Incidentally, if Sloven is carrying out surveillance on us, why not publish their mug shots? Its Freedom of Information disclosure ref. FOI1036 – 17 November 2015 (available on Sloven’s web site) suggests that, with certain limitations, images already in the public domain can be used legitimately. Just don’t forget to attribute copyright.

  6. Update on Sloven’s FOI disclosure ref. FOI1036 above. Needed to check it again but a search for the number on Sloven’s web site produced no results. However, the applicant, (Mr R. West) published it himself at:
    However, Sloven’s policy on images is not contained in the formal response to the disclosure itself: it is contained in a covering letter to Mr West:

    “You can use/re-use any information supplied or on our website free of charge, unless indicated, in any format. This can include for your own use, non-commercial research purposes and study, news reporting, and copying. In all instances re-use is subject to the following conditions: you must acknowledge and respect the source of our copyright in all cases, you must reproduce the information accurately, you may not use the information in a misleading way, and you may not use the information for the purpose of advertising or promoting a product or service.”

    It appears that Sloven uses the statement generically in responding to all requests. All Mr West’s requests on the ‘What do they know’ web site relate to Sloven and are of interest. You can search for them by his name.

    • Interesting, I think I need to withdraw my permission for using photographs that they have taken of me over the years. I gave permission for them to be used on their website, but not to then be used by anyone!

      Thank you R West for asking this question.
      I think our paths crossed a decade ago when southern health was a smaller Hampshire partnership trust.

      • You may be out of luck. The Intellectual Property Office’s paper, ‘Copyright material held by public bodies’ states specifically:

        “Public bodies and keepers of statutory registers are now allowed to proactively share copyright material online without seeking permission, as long as it is not commercially available.”

        In short, it appears that Sloven does not require your permission: I suspect this is even more the case because they took the photos in the first place. Therefore, even if the images were available commercially, the copyright would be Sloven’s or their photographer’s (depending on the contract between them).

        You admit to giving Sloven permission to use the photos on the website, so it appears that they do not have to seek additional permission to share them. Don’t blame the government for this: Sloven should have advised you of this possibility at the time or – if the law changed after you gave permission – they should have consulted you before the new legislation came into force.

        By all means have a go but (as a non-lawyer) I believe the maximum you can expect is to ask Sloven to remove the images and/or, where relevant, your name. That would stop future sharing and/or make the image anonymous but you could not expect them to act retrospectively – it would be an impossible task.

  7. How can we have faith in any of the NHS or Political assurances that things will be better in future or that families will no longer be treated as ‘fucking’ nuisances, when the Mazar report was dismissed/cynically published without discussion or response from Parliament. Had shut the shop and most/all MP’s were on the train or sitting in slippers glass in hand safely at home? Off duty. AND Mr Hunt’s reluctant, ?, only comment on the report was on TWITTER, – that CQC would sort it. (again ?)

  8. Katrina
    Been reading the front page of the Guardian newspaper today, where it seems some work may be going on to prove yours is not the only place where the most vulnerable and most trusting of people die in numbers too early, and leave no trace. Could get you off the hook ? Because every other similar place is at it too? And CQC could take so long to trawl a forest of the vulnerable invisible all too early dead, you might be hoping that you too will have moved on just as silently’, to a promotion. Such is our world.

    Katrina, the casualty head count of death and damage done under your leadership, is actually in the tens of thousands. For every learning disabled person dead just for being too vulnerable to save themselves, there are many many more lives now destroyed. There is a family of destroyed people for every devalued, and dead by neglect person. A family grieving for ever, treated with contempt for just being a loving mum or dad. A mum, dad, brother and sister, granny and grand dad all destroyed. They are the devalued ‘Fucking’ nuisances who watched their unique beloved son or daughter (all of whom have a name) disappear; becoming a frightened and drugged up stranger – and in spite of all they cannot do anything to prevent it. And when their beautiful unique vulnerable beloved son or daughter dies of fear, despair and or neglect this grief destroyed family – these ‘fucking’ nuisances, are expected to shut up and be ‘nice’ about it.

    Katrina. Show some humanity and conscience and resign. And when the CQC get round to finding all the rest, they MUST be made to resign too.

    • Add to that patients of Sloven’s mental health units and its hospitals for the physically unwell, who have survived poor care only to be faced with an innately biased complaints system and a battle over many years for justice.
      In respect of the physically unwell look, for example, at the case of 3-year-old Alfie and his mother – allegedly turned away by a receptionist and sent on a 90-mile drive, without even being checked by a doctor or arranging an ambulance transfer: – post dated December 20, 2015.

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