Right now

I weep.

I don’t understand how LB is dead. [Dead??]

I fucking despair at the non(sensical) action by Department of Health, Monitor, NHS England, CQC, OCC and the various CCGs.

Before and after LB died.

Before and after publication of the Mazars review.

I despise Sloven’s consistently shite practices, fakery and arrogance.

The pointlessness of Mencap.

I don’t understand how LB is dead. He drowned. In specialist NHS provision. No accountability. Nothing.

I just don’t get it.


28 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Yes to all those people he’s dead and you failed a beautiful young man with your neglect. No excuses, you and your shower consigned him and his family to torture. You should be in prison some of you for what you allowed to happen.

  2. Sara – more bad things to tell you tomorrow about Monitor, NHS England and the CQC. Remember my open email asking each of their directors why they had not sent observers to the Board and Governors’ Meetings. Monitor’s Complaints Manager (Grimes) wrote to me yesterday:
    “Sorry we have not yet responded to your email of 10 January. I am in discussions with CQC and NHS England and hope to be responding shortly.”
    So although they refuse to work with each-other effectively when it is in the patients’ interests, they soon collude when they are put on the spot and it is in their interests to co-operate – and it is downgraded to Complaints Manager status – the very person who wasted taxpayers’ money travelling with a colleague to Southampton to meet me – just to tell me what Monitor couldn’t do.

  3. It’s happened to us now too. We are another statistic. And tomorrow to someone else. There is something fundamentally wrong with this country. Every organisation fails. People with Learning Disabilities and Autism who struggle to communicate are the bottom of the heap with care provision. Never mind about all these Acts designed to protect. It’s not working. I would like to know if countries which prioritise the highest standards of welfare provision for every citizen, such as Denmark and other Scandinavian countries and Germany have these problems.

    • There are no acts protecting LD/autistic.

      They, were sold a pup in the Autism Act 09. By their own charity NAS..

      As these are guidelines only, which the LA are not following, they are providing less, than the basic, unspecialised care for the maximum amount, and making a fortune out of the LD/autistic.

      The specialist hospitals now private charge on average £4500 per week, sometimes a lot more see my blog one Mum says her son earns £12,500.

      The worse the behaviour which is inevitable in view of the treatment the more money that can be claimed.

      Each individual under Autism Act, would have to bring a judicial review, in respect to the placement/treatment decision, and there is no legal aid, and the judicial reviews are now, thanks to MOJ, almost impossible to achieve, and you will then have to pay the LA,OS and HSC lawyers costs probably around 100,000 at least ,when you lose. So we are well stitched up.

      And, as stated parents have no rights under MCA, and the LD .autistic’s are removed

    • As far as I am aware, no other country, has the similar to MCA, which is the major problem, as well as getting the MHA enforced properly.

      It is illegal under United Nations art 12 see my blog post and HRA .

      They have similar Act in Scotland, but not yet in NI, but are pushing for it.

      It is simply about harvesting, as many LD /AUTISTIC other disabilities, as they can for private profit made from public money.

      And making all SS lawyers experts jobs easy and lucrative, as they all just feed into independent away from all lifetime encagement policy.

      It is to lock them up and shut them up, and many die.

    • Denmark always had a good track record for autism care that was described by academics in this country as better than our services (I took notes at a lecture I went to years ago), particularly because each person with autism, for example, had a keyworker involved alongside family from childhood to adulthood. That keyworker wasn’t changed during transition to adults services.

  4. If, there is no accountability, this is what, will happen.

    Its simple, if they can get away with it, they will, and, will continue to kill, abuse, and torture.

    We don’t even know, how many vulnerable have died, directly, or, indirectly, due to their ‘treatment’..

    Yet, every day the vulnerable, are still dying, and, will continue to do so, and no one will even know.

    There is no duty to investigate externally, and, all now apparently die of ‘natural causes’.

    Worse, this is now a huge business, as the public mental health is privatised, and, moved to the commissioning of local health and social care trusts, of supported living, who own their own hospitals.

    This is a multimillion pound venture capital industry, which is not accountable.

    And worse still, the secret Court of Protection, are sending all our vulnerable children, to be ‘cared’ for, and medically treated, by these venture capitalists for life, in their ‘best interests’, with no oversight, other than, the tick boxers who commissioned them.

    And, the vulnerable have no rights, as their legal capacity, and decisions are removed from them by illegal capacity assessments.

    And, after 18, parents have no rights over what happens to their own children.

    • Finolamoss – a friendly word of advice. Sloven is monitoring this web site (and I suspect mine). References to killing patients are defamatory – unless you can prove deliberate intent. Not only do you risk being sued for defamation but also, as ‘publisher’ of your comments, Sloven could sue Sara too. They would probably be delighted to have the opportunity to do so.

      I would urge you to visit https://999crash.wordpress.com/legal/ – scroll down to ‘Qualified Privilege’ – I have already warned about the danger of using words like ‘Killers.’ May I suggest you read it and then withdraw/edit your comments? It is entirely a matter for you – I am just trying to be helpful. Please take this comment in the spirit in which it is intended.

      Naturally you are welcome to leave comments on my blog too – especially on the ‘blog’ page itself – but I will not approve any potentially defamatory statements.

      Other than that, keep supporting Sara. She needs (and deserves) all our support.

      • Killing, is defined, as causing the death of a living organism, I see no intent in that.

        Surely, with 3 a day reported, as dying needlessly officially, and, these being perhaps only the !% of those investigated, it is not unreasonable, to assume, that state commissioned, or actual care, may be responsible in some way, for the death of the living, they are charged to care for.

        It is also a statement of opinion, not fact, and no particular state, or, commissioned carer is mentioned.

        It is also, very much in the public interests.

        I’m not sure which comment/posts, you are referring to, but if Sara, wants, I do not know how to, she can amend to’ may result in deaths in state care’, instead of ‘killing’ or delete as she feels appropriate, as it is her blog.

        Its a pretty grim state of affairs, when, those charged, and paid, to care for one’s children, can threaten you with libel, for mentioning, the word ‘kill’, rather than ‘causing the deaths of’ ,which to me, denotes more intent.

        Have us poor parents, not got enough to worry about, and we really have arrived, in the Newspeak of 1984.

      • I do not need your approval, or, permission to keep supporting Sara.

        Only hers.

        As, an autonomous being, with a 19 year old autistic daughter, and, knowledge of the state of the law and policy, at present in the UK, on the area of Sara’s blog, I comment on Sara’s blog, to provide information mainly, which may, or may not personally support her.

        But I hope it does.

        I’m sure, Sara, probably writes her blog in the same vain.

  5. You’ve got it. Venture capital shareholders who don’t give a toss
    But St. Andrews for example is disguised as a charity
    The NHS pay very high salaries for the top people and devalue and rubbish the staff on the ground.
    It’s a sickening system

    • Jayne – be careful about references to private health services especially in respect of mental health. If you have ever talked to patients who have been treated by The Priory Group and the NHS, I can guarantee they would choose The Priory every day of the week – especially if they can persuade their doctor to refer them to The Priory as NHS-funded patients.
      The same applies to nurses who have worked for the Priory Group and the NHS – and they don’t pay nurses any more than the NHS – it’s simply a much better environment for patients and staff alike.
      Of course there is a difference between private mental hospitals that private hospitals for the physically unwell. Most private mental hospitals are licensed to deal with acute cases and many have secure units too.

  6. I don’t have the words to express how awful it must have been, and continues to be, for you, so I won’t try. All I can say is how much I admire you. You have lost your precious son, and no amount of corporate spin will bring him back. Devastating, and a sickening response.

  7. So bloody wrong.

    Why do you people in NHS and LA’s and all the other places, stand by and say nothing. Is a job worth your soul?

    What happens to the bright young things who go into Social Work? Why has so much power been given to people with no soul in the NHS and LA’s. Are they born like that, or do they become like that by imposed group driven osmosis? Brainwashed? Or do they just like holding the happiness and joy of others in their fist?

    How do they become the tyrants that behave as though they are work house staff doling us gruel and seeing us as greedy no nothing at alls, for seeking just a little more safety and perhaps a tiny piece of joy for our loved one; despising us for begging kindness for our sons and daughters.

    Do they believe this is right or just, each, or cling to each other absorbing feelings of outrage against parents who have seen their son/daughter destroyed by lack of them shutting their blind eye, And do the worst of them doing terrible things to the most vulnerable people in society really believe it is for the common good ? Now where did this happen before? We remembered them this week, then plus 6 million and more all died watched by blind eyes who saw nothing and did nothing.

    We all know the wise words ‘when good people do nothing ‘etc……….but even the best now.they too do nothing just take their pay and watch others take away our sons and daughters, and the happiness and joy of so many others a little more next day.

    I cant find words to describe the organisational collusion that permits this downwards drift into a mindset that believes they are doing good by treating us and ours with disrespect at best. I am afraid, almost hear boots running up the stairs to beat on my door. Words like eugenics and Fascism pushed away, for surely not? Fear is quickly swallowed, stomach tight, but fear and more fear.

    I now watch my beautiful wise son stumble along on sticks, damage done by another paid to care for him, and YEARS and YEARS of neglect of him, life threatening operations, and then worse to come, and the long nerve, bone and brain drilled years of seeking justice, And getting none.

    Our sons and daughters are the good people.
    (Apologies for typos new I PAD, old lady!)

  8. My son who has Downs was keel hauled through a hideous care assessment this week, two hair hauling out hours of the most intrusive and objectionable questions. One was ‘have you ever been to prison’ He was both horrified and frightened by the question. He being incapable morally and in every other way incapable of hurting another person, far less committing any crime.

    Read Giles Fraser chilling commentary in today’s Guardian
    ‘I was just doing my job’. ‘I was not a leader’

    ”The most telling thing is how the most terrible things can be done by the most ordinary people’ etc

    Slippery slope , us, on ?

    Our sons and daughters are THE good people

    • Read the ‘Lucifer Effect’.

      We have been deliberately sold this tripe of ‘strong leaders’, my daughter even now has leadership classes in school.

      Hitler, Stalin were strong leaders

      We now only have leaders and followers, and the followers have to do what they are told.

      And tis structure applies top to bottom, and linear.

      And education/ training is the same.

      All is prescribed, and no one can step out of that prescription.

      Once assessed, and labelled, which is ever easier as, as many as possible, are harvested, as a commodity, for lifelong income..

      The GP/nurse only looks for neglect and abuse in the family home, but not in state private care.

      No medical attention in either setting, just drugs.

      Our vulnerable are not physically ill, yet are made so, by these drugs, and there actual care, and then are portrayed to be very ill, and die of ‘natural causes’, at 20 like Thomas, and 19, like Connor.

  9. Sara – please don’t pre-judge Mencap: they dispute that they have an Appointed Governor at Sloven – that’s why their official from London attended the ‘Bored’ meeting on 11 January, so they are taking it seriously. Mencap’s Press Office has just told me that they are now “dealing with” Sloven. It could be anything from a genuine misunderstanding to deliberate misrepresentation by Sloven. We shall see – Mencap will tell me when it is resolved.

    • Oh please.

      LB has been dead (sorry, Sara, I hate the brutality of the whole situation but can’t bring myself to use dishonourable euphemisms) for the greater part of 3 years.

      Mencap have known about it for at least 2, ever since Verita 1 came out, at the very latest. And they have done sweet Fanny Adams to help. For two years and seven months they’ve been content to let LB’s family swing in the wind. Not our remit, guv. We’re calling about, erm, something else, unless it’s to our corporate advantage.

      If they had the foresight of a myopic Cyclops and the backbone of a jellyfish, they’d have been supporting Connor’s family from the get-go; and if they had the collective brains of an amoeba, they’d have considered their leverage and exposure with regard to Sloven months or years ago, thus avoiding the whole “Ill wind” debacle – and more importantly, the additional insult and hurt to Sara – in the first place.

      No excuses or ‘explanations’ acceptable. Only a humble apology and a full, specific, measurable, achievable, resourced and time-bound plan to avoid such appalling and stupidly insensitive loose-cannonry within their organisation in future.

      • I have just seen an appeal for donations to a charity investigating sepsis.

        Charities need money – and good people, commited to change. I am sure that there are good people – but the focus on money has gone very wrong when ensuring it means being complicit, not rocking the boat. As for Social Workers, I haven;t yet met one I would pay in washers to be honest but they are integral to the system and their words have ten times the weight of ours. There just seems to be increasingly a cosy closed system with us,, the people it exists for, on the outside.

        Is this about power structures, careers, greed, stupidity, ignorance and a fatal lack of consequences for those who get it so badly wrong? I do know rather a lot of good people, a couple passionately committed to doing what is right, in a system that just blocks change and effectiveness. On Twitter today, I read that social work longs for a powerful charismatic leader. I think we need far fewer followers. Bottom of the education league table for literacy and numeracy I also read there. Suits the unscrupulous seekers of power just fine. Doesn;t it rather matter where people are being led to? If “training” and education equals brainwashing, if the lessons learned are how to get away with it, please can we try something else?

        We need allies – in the law and the media . Not much idea how that can be achieved. Once upon a time, the role of the Press was to uncover scandals, now they are part of the scandal, and self interest seems to govern everything. We can’t despair, though, though God knows it is hard not to.

    • I get self conglatutory emails from Mencap, always with a ‘have you got a bob’ note on the end. I have been responding in vein of ‘not in my sons name – for, for us your Brand lies’; I have said same in relation to their silence/standing off side re LB campaign, and recently re SH/Mencap – governor , ‘slip ‘ ?. I would imagine they have had quite a few of same, and their belated response and denial may have more to do with these honest truths from families etc, than altruism.

      • Obviously PR/REPUTATION is very important for charities.

        They are there, to get money for their organisationfirst, and this includes the government directly and indirectly.

        This money and all they earn, is tax free, as a charity, so we, and the vulnerable, are being denied help, which, is why they receive donations, and their purpose, and we are also paying for it, through our taxes.

        Sadly, if they are removed/injured, another organisation will be PRed to replace, and the top jobs recycled to other public/charitable posts.

        The problems will not change, until charities, are made independent of state, as was the purpose of their creation historically, and really accountable for their activities, and, what their money is spent on.

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  11. Finola are the medical union, teachers union and all the other unions independent of the state? If so, that’s what we need. We need a sort of union that will fight for rights and not cosy up to the government or the NHS or whoever holds the purse strings, don’t we?

    • Sadly, Pauline, the state has effective control of them.

      And, most are frightened, and often as with the larger charities are looking after their own interests.

      Teachers have had some sway with Education, but I think that’s because Gove, wanted it anyway, and the Law Society and Bar, have had some success with legal aid now, but that’s because of the general outcry..

      NICE are supposed to be, but their recommendations are not legally binding anyway, and some health trusts do not follow them,

      GMC, Social Workers Representative have had some run ins, but little appears to have come of it..

      The only real independence, is an MP, or, a Lord, and one, that is not frightened of upsetting, the government, and/or the Labour Party.

      Or, possibly the Royal College of Psychiatrists, or GMC, but then, it must be remembered, that the individuals, that they represent, are emp[oyed, by the NHS public, and/ or the private hospitals commissioned by those trusts, so, are tightly connected, and, will have signed confidentiality, and conduct agreements.

      There are obviously too many conflicts of interests of those working in the industry, and, little real chance of whistleblowing.

  12. The Lords select committee stated the MCA was not fit for purpose in 2014. The Law Commission say the same. No one is doing anything except state this fact.

  13. Filomoss – you seem determined to pick a fight with me. Don’t dare to lecture me about legal matters or The Priory Group – who have kept my condition under control for 31-years with only one minor relapse – they even helped me through unscathed from the, “spectacular mismanagement” of my mental health condition when I was unfortunate enough to have a brain seizure and fall into the hands of Sloven.

    I recently met another Priory patient who suffered life-changing consequences when she (like me) found herself in a situation in which Sloven’s perverse form of ‘care’ came into play: I wish I could say more but that would be to abuse the trust she has placed in me.

    And no – neither of us was filthy rich: we just had the benefit of employers’ health insurance and now the occasional outpatient appointment is affordable.

    You also seriously underestimate the extent to which The Priory Group takes NHS-funded patients – it depends on one of two things – if the NHS does not have beds available or if your GP has the skill to obtain public-funding for treatment by The Priory Group. I actually made a Freedom of Information Request to NHS England for a breakdown – I was astonished. The number of publicly-funded patients may even make it difficult for them to find beds for their privately-funded clients.

    Unfortunately, owing to another NHS cock-up, I cannot publish the figures – they disclosed not only the requested figures relating to NHS-funded patients but included a breakdown (by name of insurer) of their private patients too. That is seriously commercially sensitive information, which under no circumstances should NHS England have disclosed to me. They also unethically disclosed a separate figure for self-funding (wealthy) patients thankfully not by name but as a separate category – that figure was surprisingly small.

    Believe me, if it were not for The Priory and similar groups, NHS mental health service would have been in meltdown long ago. It may even be that if someone has been found a bed in an NHS unit that the bed only become available because the NHS had transferred another patient to a private hospital.

    You would also be surprised at the narrowing gap between the cost to the public purse of treatment in the Priory and treatment in an NHS facility. Indeed, it would not surprise me if the costs were identical – because the NHS must be on ‘a special deal’ with The Priory.

    As to your reuse of “Killing” words fail me. You seem not to realise that killing people is a criminal offence – which has to be proved beyond all reasonable doubt. I know from my senior police contacts that they would have already have arrested someone if they thought they could prove killing. You seem to be equally unaware that if sued for libel, the burden of proof is reversed. You have to prove that Sloven has intentionally killed someone – Sloven have to prove nothing at all. If the police cannot prove killing, neither can you.

    You are also unaware that Sara telephoned me yesterday on receipt of an email from me alerting her to your comments. The most polite way I can describe you – especially with your attitude to the private sector – is that you must be a Guardian reader.

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