The moon on a dick

Dear Moon,

Out of people to write to so thought I’d try the moon. Or a moon. Any moon really. Full or otherwise.

Jezza Hunt, the Secretary of State today made a speech about patient safety.  He starts with ‘intelligent transparency’. Word rubbish. ‘Intelligence’ doesn’t mean anything other than fake measures of fake, plumped up fakery. LB scored below zero on ‘intelligence tests’ but beat the pants of most of us for getting stuff. For just being. But ‘intelligence’ carries weight. It’s a sought after marker of summat. 

‘Intelligent transparency’ leads to action he tells us. And then goes on to explain how it doesn’t. [I know, just try to hang in there if you can…]  Each NHS trust in England has been asked to self report their annual number of avoidable deaths. Yes. Self report. Mark your own homework. I think we can anticipate a chunky zero from at least one trust not 100 miles from here. And, even more absurd… the way in which each trust does this marking varies so there is no ‘national standard’. Across the, er, National Health Service.

Some may use an abacus. Some may use a mix of patient and local roadkill intelligence. Some may use quantitative or qualitative methods. Some may just count how many toenails they can ping into the bin in the corner of their office from their swivel chair. It simply doesn’t matter. It’s action. That comes from intelligent transparency.

What matters is that trusts are, at last, estimating avoidable deaths and being open about it. 

There are a few Mikes involved in this new process. Richards and Durkin. A coming together of the Care Quality Commission and NHS England. Richdurk. An integral part of  making the NHS the world’s largest learning organisation. [You gotta read some of this stuff for yourself, Moon. Sorry. There are sections that are so full of bullshit I can’t precis them…]

Picking up the speech from ‘A true learning culture must come from the heart … ‘ [not the tagline for a new Sunday night BBC drama but the actual words of the Secretary of State]. He talks about the suffering band of rellies who have cried out to him in frustration about the lack of accountability. Blimey. What a patronising and demeaning load of guff.

And he includes us in this shite with mention of Sloven. That painfully, awkward, 30 minute ‘meeting’ in the same (not safe) space as him allows him to nail us to his suffering family mast. We were forced to listen to him indignantly spout his human factor speak while he completely ignored our concerns that learning disabled people are being effectively erased. 

[Families should be given a public health warning after experiencing the catastrophic death of a family member in an NHS setting. Alerting them to this parasitic leeching by public representatives who should actually be doing stuff. Instead of feathering their nests. And furthering their cult like causes.]

Turns out our attempts to get some sort of accountability for LB’s death is misguided. Bad mistakes can be made by good people and a ‘proper study of environment and systems in which mistakes happen’ is needed.  And when patients are given an honest account of what happened alongside an apology, the impact is less litigation, lawyers and more rapid closure ‘even when there have been the most terrible tragedies’. 

My arse.

The JezzRichDurkBromTit* version of human factors feeding into the new HSIB (Health Safety Investigation Branch) is simply absurd:

Affected patients or their families will need to be involved as part of the safe space protection. And while the findings of investigations will be made public, the details will not be disclosable without a court order or an overriding public interest, with courts being required to take note of the impact on safety of any disclosures they order. This legal change will help start a new era of openness in the NHS’s response to tragic mistakes: families will get the full truth faster; doctors will get support and protection to speak out; and the NHS as a whole will become much better at learning when things go wrong. What patients and families who suffer want more than anything is a guarantee that no-one else will have to re-live their agony. This new legal protection will help us promise them ‘never again’.

Er, sorry Jez, you made a bit of a leap there. Families want accountability. In the same way they want accountability when someone dies outside of the ‘safe space’ of the NHS. And how can you talk about a new era of openness in the same paragraph as court orders? Just barmy. Oh, and HSIB will only look at 30 deaths a year. And Jezza has decreed these will be in maternity services.

Intelligent transparency anyone?

Just boys and their toys.

L1018365*Hunt, Richards, Durkin, Bromily, Titcombe

8 thoughts on “The moon on a dick

  1. “Intelligent transparency” – does not sound like full transparency! “Self report preventable deaths” – they have a system to that anyway: they are called “Serious Incident Reports” and should include near misses, i.e. “Learning opportunities.” Two more horrible words: met the Chairman of a different NHS Foundation Trust a couple of months ago when we discussed this euphemism – he thought it a euphemism for a ‘cock-up’ – so much more accurate and succinct!

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  3. Spot on Sara – I’m not sure why they are making such a fuss about Human Factors its been around for decades. I guess it makes it look as if they are doing something, although if they are only going to be looking at 30 maternity cases in the first year of HSIB they won’t be doing much. Oh and as for intelligent transparency that should definitely read ” selective transparency intelligently used to keep families and patients at a distance “

  4. A general point

    Could I ask on behalf of all of us:

    People…. who are paid to support us and ours, when you fail to care for or protect us and ours don’t further reduce us by consciously or unconsciously slapping us down by using, pale, watery and dismissive (at best) language.

    This week I have heard ‘disappointed’ (them in me/by me) when I pointed out a globally destructive stupid incompetence.

    Then a casual ”not great” used to describe the imposition AGAIN (within a couple of weeks) of 2 hours of soul prostituting ‘show us your sores/tell us again what you cant do’, needed to buy a little more safe support; when similar suggestion would make same powerful person go purple and call for a lawyer ….

    ‘Sorry’ is always good.

  5. Mr. Murdoch, B/Sky/B, and Mr. Hunt. All went pear shaped and Jezza tried to hide behind a tree or was it a pillar? Anyway that says a lot for his ‘intelligent transparency’.

  6. Absolutely brilliant Sarah. HSIB et al. is terrifyingly frightening. HSIB is now a convoluted load of nonsense.

    Truth? so secretive it will encourage lies I think.

    Accountability – none what so ever. It will encourage risk taking with lives.

    HSIB will make things worse I think

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