What does today mean?

L1018852Version 1

The Care Quality Commission issued a warning notice to Sloven. Ahead of publishing the latest inspection report that took place in January (after publication of the Mazars review and Jezza Hunt’s apparently serious engagement in the House of Commons on December 10th). This warning notice allowed NHS Improvement (previously Monitor (I know.. keep up..) to issue a statement saying they’ve put an additional condition into the Trust’s licence allowing NHS Improvement to make changes at board level.

This now opens a space for some serious action to take place. Particularly given that the still to be published CQC inspection clearly demonstrates continuing failings by Sloven on top of the harrowing findings revealed by the #Mazars review and numerous CQC inspections over nearly three years. That they only made improvements after the warning notice suggests they don’t have a bloody clue.

A laborious and painstaking approach that needs to be followed to allow effective action to happen.

Version 2

Fuck all.

How was today for us?

I came out of a meeting at 1pm. To emails from the CQC and NHS Improvement. Calls from the BBC/ITV. Reading the CQC statement I felt a mix of rage, despair, distress, sadness and more rage. I arranged to go to BBC Oxford late afternoon. ITV Meridian to interview Rich. Updates during the afternoon about an anticipated statement from the Sloven CEO. Work (again) parked for another weekend/evening slot. Meal at mate’s house postponed.

Expectation and anticipation.

Katrina Percy, Mike Petter and the board would have to go. That was obvious. You cannot, given everything that’s happened, keep talking about making changes and doing crap all (or worse). The continuing and clearly evidenced shite was not only damning for Sloven but was also turning a spotlight on the Care Quality Commission and NHS Improvement. How much more non regulation could possibly (not) happen?

She said she wasn’t going to resign. She needed to lead. And then talked about leading in a way that no leader ever would. I spent a couple of hours in BBC Oxford. BBC News, live BBC 24 hour news and BBC Radio Oxford. Live BBC News was streamed in the various spaces I hung out in. LB’s photo constantly in the background.

I came out in early evening sunshine. Into Summertown. The 700 bus came along. I caught it instead of changing buses in Oxford. The bus finished it’s route in the grounds of the JR hospital. Where LB didn’t die.




10 thoughts on “What does today mean?

  1. The problem is, if they all resigned/ were sacked, as they should be..

    As should probably, many more trust ‘leaders’, who have not been, so expensively and excruciatingly exposed.

    Along with the private providers- head of Lifeways/Cambian, earning over 450,000 per year, that provided Thomas Rawnsley’s ‘care’.

    What difference would that make ?

    Would this change the system, and accountability.


  2. It’s just unfathomable. I watched the news on the BBC and couldn’t help comparing your obvious intelligence and eloquence with the other woman’s dull, boring, uninspired monotone. What has the world come to?

    • Well put, that is exactly what I thought. KP struck me as someone who does not have the intellect, brain power, and alertness to be a leader. All she has is a thick skin, to be standing there and saying she is not going anywhere.

  3. version 1, serious effective action. Amazed by the late news coverage, stability for staff and the community being served can be achieved seamlessly if the entire Board stand down and handover. There is no need to wait for the full publication of the inspection.

  4. The powers given to NHS Improvement presumably mean that Katrina Percy and culpable Board members can be sacked-not allowed to resign with a golden handshake. It’s like the woman is living in a parallel universe where only she can bring salvation. She needs to go.Now.

  5. Where in the world can you do a job very badly and still say I am not going to resign? What about Mr. Hunt saying ‘your fired’.

  6. The Governors of SHFT could close this down now by their shared action. They could do the right thing and stop this cruelty to Sara and her brilliant, brave bereaved family…..why don’t they?

    Do they value the little bit of status this unpaid role brings them over what they heard yet again yesterday. Surely not?
    Do they value status more than the life of yet another vulnerable person tomorrow and day after that, through inaction today ?

    Surely not. For they too have families, they too have children and brothers and sisters ……?

    Shared delusion? Nah, not possible for far too much evidence to the contrary.

    Governors, look at all the evidence in front of your nose.
    ‘Man’ up. Do the job you signed up to do, all it needs is your combined humanity, integrity and conscience.

    Sara and her family and all the other bereaved families and the patients and the staff of SHFT are waiting…………..on you.

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