What are we waiting for?


Superb piece about LB in Guardian Weekend on Saturday. Written by Simon Hattenstone with pics by Joel Redding. They got on and did a cracking job. No fuss or prevarication. Sensitive, comprehensive and thoughtful. Not an easy gig. More light in contrast to the stench we continue to experience from the variously implicated organisations.

So what are we waiting for? In no particular order, as always:

General Medical Council investigation into consultant [679 days]
Care Quality Commission Fit and Proper Person’s Requirement (FPPR) into the Sloven CEO’s fitness to practice [92 days]
Nursing and Midwifery Council investigation into nursing staff [58 days]
A reply to my letter to the Sloven governors [94 days]
Health and Safety Executive investigation [392 days]
Any meaningful action from NHS Improvement (previously Monitor) [109 days]
An apology from Oxfordshire County Council for their sordid and secret review [356 days]

There can be no excuse whatsoever for this level of delay.

This complete fucktivity.

But hey ho. Here’s a pic of the kids that didn’t make the mag to keep the light shining.

Connor with his brothers and sisters

8 thoughts on “What are we waiting for?

  1. Omg. Can we start Change.org petitions for each of those or summat? As a show of solidarity for you guys and a clear message to all those organisations that there are many, many more families behind this who are not going to stop asking questions?? Pester power?

  2. Unfortunately, I can beat 679 days. 882 days to receive all my data from Sloven – against 40 days required for a Subject Access Request under The Data Protection Act 1983. GMC investigation seriously delayed too – but not the GMC’s fault: Sloven failed to provide complete and accurate records to the GMC.

    There’s apparently a problem funding an autism support service in Hampshire too, which could lead to rises in homelessness, self-harm and people being sectioned. See: .

  3. But as long as the rich are getting richer….signing a petition is soooooo tokenistic Mrs Cameron (sen). Perhaps children’s centre’s wouldn’t have to close if your hubbie hadn’t put the family money offshore to avoid paying tax……………..

  4. Hello Sue, we met in Cardiff you might recall. Your blog is as powerful as it is moving, like your contribution to the seminar. I have worked in health and social care for 25 years give or take; an important point about this post is the sheer number of well funded and enormously powerful public bodies dealing with this enquiry that can still somehow find a way to achieve nothing. These organisations are great at giving themselves absurd job titles and salaries, patting themselves on the back and picking on support workers who have not written the right date on a food chart clearly enough or blocking a registered manager application if the applicant is not sufficiently polite to the inspectors but still delivered an immaculate inspection to a previously failing home (personal experience) but when it comes to investigating something which will bring them into conflict with powerful people in the sector they all disappear like cockroaches when the light goes on. The behaviour of this endless army of inspectors, reviewers, auditors, monitors is identical to organised crime gangs, only more dangerous. The care industry (and that is what it is; no longer a public service) is run by morons and controlled by psychopaths (though many fall into both categories). Without voices like yours this will continue. Keep fighting.

  5. If SHFT was a house builder would you buy a house from them; even if a pair of wellingtons and a hard hat was thrown in?

  6. Beautiful photograph of the children and the light is still shining due to your determination, maybe the man Monitor have had on the ground since January ( Improvement Director ? will the real NHS Improvement Director please stand up ) wants action.

  7. Well done Sarah! Your persistance has paid off with the sloven scandal top spot on the news. She (KP) will have to go! How could she possibly be ‘the one’ to lead improvement when she has been resolute in non accountability for so long!! She deserves to be swept away in the tsunami of disgust that is surely heading her way.

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