2016. Starting as we mean to go on.

I don’t know. I don’t know if it was Chunky Stan’s death this week which was so blinking sad but immensely peaceful. Or the start of a new year. But the Justice shed is cranking up the volume. Enough is enough.

First. A letter to the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors:gov 1

gov 2

gov 3

gov 4gov 5

14 thoughts on “2016. Starting as we mean to go on.

  1. Go for it Sarah and Rich. I cannot believe your energy and
    determination. I too have filed a question, and had confirmation that it will be put to the Governors on 11 January. Mine is more modest in scope. Now to decide whether to make the 200 mile return journey to attend. Jan

  2. Sara – the confusion appears to be that Jan refers to a question, “Put to the Governors on 11 January.” As your link suggests, the meeting on 11 January is a Board meeting, not a Governors meeting. The Governors’ meeting is on 5 January: http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/get-involved/membership/meetings-and-minutes/council-of-governors-meetings/.
    Incidentally, I see that the Board Meeting starts at 08.30hrs – very convenient for those with a long way to travel – surprised they do not hold it at the southern extremity of the Isle of Wight too – just to make it really easy to attend!

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  5. Go for it. It is a wonderful letter, clear, well reasoned. I wonder if you will get a direct rely to your question about Dr Murphy.
    I am sorry about Chunky Stan, I think you have written that LB was very fond of him.

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  9. Reproduced from NHS Citizen website http://www.nhscitizen.org.uk

    Southern Health back in the news (link below)

    CQC require improvements to reduce risks to patients, seems to me there has been a breakdown of mutual trust and confidence between the family/carers/patients/service users and the Trust Board.

    It beats me why the Council of Governors has not sought 75% vote ( refer to FT Constitution) across the Governors to remove the Chief Executive and others, unless the council of Governors are clueless or content with the explanations given by the trust boards, in my days as a Governor I would have proposed the 75% vote in similar circumstances no if’s or but’s and let Monitor & TDA (NHS Improvement) deal with this as this has to the best of my knowledge never been undertaken by a council of Governors, would love to advise the Southern Health Council of Governors on this option.

    Francesco Palma | April 7, 2016 at 8:46 am | #7835

  10. Whoops! I made a mistake, I was referring to the removal of the chair ( in post since 2010?) and other NED’s rather than the Sloven CEO apologies.

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